PURE GOLD: Mary Golder has reached scratch score at the Dalby Golf Club.
PURE GOLD: Mary Golder has reached scratch score at the Dalby Golf Club. Emily Bradfield

13yo golfing prodigy is set to go pro

GOLF: Thirteen-year-old Mary Golder is one step closer to the world stage after reaching a handicap of which many can only dream.

Leading the charge for her age and gender, the Dalby golf prodigy has set her sights on the professional circuit, aiming to be on tour in the next five years.

"My next goal is probably to be on tour - it's quite hard to go on tour so I probably have to practice a lot harder next year,” she said.

"It depends whether I open up doors, if you just went the way that everyone else wants you to go you'll probably be on tour by the time you're 20 but I want to try to get there before then, maybe 18 or 16.”

Reaching scratch score on the Dalby golf course last month, Mary is making her mark on the club as the only current player on scratch at the course, a goal that has been years in the making.

"It was pretty exciting to reach scratch,” Mary said.

"It's been my goal for a long time, ever since I was 10, but in the last few months I've been practising a lot harder, I've doubled the hours of practice I do,” she said.

Mary first got her hands on a club when she was two years old and her love for the game grew from there.

"I love having control over the ball through practice, it's basically like the ball is on a string that you control it that well,” she said.

While she is one of the few girls her age in golf, Mary likes the idea of being a role model for other girls.

Her dedication to the sport is obvious, as she practises 15 hours a week, with just one rest day.

Mary said her success is thanks to her previous pro coach Heath Garvey for fostering love for the game and to her home school teacher Challe Green for the opportunity to dedicate so much time to her sport.

Dalby Golf Club pro Brenton Fowler said Mary was full of potential and had a bright future ahead.

"There's not too many in the state that would be playing at her level so it's really impressive for a girl of her age to be doing what she's doing,” he said.

"She's got a really bright future if she keeps continuing the way she's going and commits to it, there's absolutely no reason she can't do something great in the game. If she puts her mind to it, I'm 100 per cent sure she'll make it.”

Fowler's advice for Mary, from pro to future pro, was simply to enjoy it all. "There's a lot of challenges and hurdles but it's all part and parcel,” he said.

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