SHOWTIME: The Tara Show 2020.
SHOWTIME: The Tara Show 2020.

80+ photos from this year’s Tara Show

HUNDREDS of patrons walked through the gates at this year's Tara Show which had a jam packed roster of events, including woodchopping, fireworks and turtle racing.

With perfect weather conditions, plenty enjoyed the event.

There were many of exhibitions and competitors held throughout the day. See the list of winners is below.


Most points - Pavilion: Margaret Davis

2nd Most Points - Pavilion: Sue Apelt

Champion of Champions: Margaret White

Reserve Champion of Champions: Judy Edwards

Acquisition: Margaret White


N eedlework/Wool work

Most Points - needlework: Rene Sands

Most points - wool work: Helen Nicholson

Champion needlework: Lorraine Reardon

Champion exhibit - embroidery: Lorraine Reardon

Champion Wool work: Judy Edwards

Encouragement: Rene Sands and Sue Apelt



Most Points: Leigh Nicholson

Champion Picture: Monique Monro

Most Points - Junior art: Gemma Dales

Junior Champion Picture: Gemma Dales

Encouragement: Adalyn Reay

Aged care - Any medium: Katrina Finch



Most Points: Margaret Davis

Champion craftwork: Jude Salter

Champion Junior craft: Jackson Hoey

Most Points Junior Craft: Millie Gunther



Champion: Tara Women's Show Auxiliary

Most Outstanding Article: Irma Porter



Most points: Leanne Andrews

Champion cake: Francis Neal

Champion pudding: Margaret Davis

Men's cooking: Jim Moran

Most points class23-61: Leanne Andrews

Champion piece cooking: KerriLee Larsen

Champion biscuits: Francis Neal



Most Points Primary: Chelsea Prain

Champion - Junior: Jakeb Press

Most Points - Secondary: Dustin Major



Most Points - section 1 - 25: Val Densley

Champion Rose: June Brawne

Champion Miniature Rose: Linda Petersen

Most Points Geraniums: Val Densley

2nd Most points Geraniums: Lorna McNamara

Champion Bloom (other than a rose): June Brawn

Most Points - Pot Plants: Linda Wilkes

Champion Fern: Fiona Borchardt

Champion Pot Plant: Linda Wilkes

Most points - Floral Art: Val Densley

Champion Floral Art: Fiona Borchardt

Novelty Boot Competition: Corinne Pimm



Yr. P - 3 Best article: Jayden Austin

Yr 4 - 6 Best article: Emily Anstice

Most points Primary: Emily Anstice

Best written genre: Madaline Conway



Champion colour print: Linda Steinohrt

Most points 1 - 16: Linda Steinohrt

Champion enlargement: Linda Steinohrt

Champion Black & White print: Linda Steinohrt

Champion Junior print: Emily Schwerin



Best dressed lady: Vanessa Wicks

Best dressed gent: Brian McGoldrick

Best dressed teenager: Bayden Neal

Best dressed Child-Circus Theme: Damon Grose



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