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For and against: School holidays

WELL it's finally here - the end of the school year. Most schools finish in the next week or two, and for some kids, it couldn't have come sooner.

They're tired, cranky, hot, and generally have had a gut-ful of the year. So today I thought I'd share the pros and cons of school holidays from a parent's perspective.

School holidays: The Affirmative

1. No making school lunches: This has to be in bold because it is the bane of every parent's existence: deciding what to put in their lunchbox that they will actually eat while ensuring that it is healthy, delicious and complies with school policies. It must include fruit and yogurt, and must not include nuts and chocolate bars. Nevertheless, my kids' lunchboxes usually come home with most of the food still in it. No matter how much I tell them that there are kids starving in Africa.

2. No ironing school uniforms: Hahahaha - yes I know that's funny because I don't iron. I give them a good shake and hope for the best. But if I did iron, that would suck.

3. No nits or school sores: I get a few weeks free of knowing I don't need to check their hair.

4. No fundraising, rushing out for lost school supplies: But the best one of all: I can stay in my pyjamas after 8am.

School holidays: The Negative

1. "I'm bored!": Sorry kids, only boring people are bored. Enjoy your boredom because when you are an adult, boredom is a luxury. I would love to have the time to be bored. Plus, every kid should be bored for a bit during school holidays so they learn to appreciate going back to school.

2. Activities cost a bomb: So my children have already requested the following activities they would like to partake in during the holidays: ten-pin bowling, the trampoline park, the water park, theme parks, rockwall climbing, Chipmunks, ice-skating, the local pool, movies and laser tag. Little do they know how much these activities cost. Multiply that by two (two kids), plus inviting a friend each and I'd need to take out a bank loan.

3.They are waaaaayyyyy tooooooo loooonnnnggggg: I know the teachers need a break (especially from my children), but six weeks is a really long time. Ideally it should be two weeks …

Jody Allen is the founder of Stay At Home Mum:

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