Name change will stop pesky AFL Collingwood supporters

COLLINGWOOD may not have won the AFL crown for five years, but it hasn't stopped Gladstone fans trying to snare an unusual piece of "memorabilia".

Every footy season the residents of Collingwood Lane lose their street sign - but that may have just happened for the last time.

The thieving fans hit so often that cattle farmer Wendy Nay has given up reporting it to the police or the council.

"It happens three or four times every season," Mrs Nay said. "We have a laugh every time we come round the corner and see that it's missing again."

But fans will have to find another sign next year because this week the council decided on a new name for the stretch of road between Ubobo and Littlemore.

Its name will change to Colinwood Lane.

It turns out, the road was incorrectly named in the first place - and it's taken the council 12 months to fix the problem.

The council says it changed the section of Aerodrome Rd to Collingwood Lane last October, although Mrs Nay said it has been Collingwood Lane ever since she bought the property three years ago.

Last November, Boyne Valley Historical Society wrote to the council saying the name was incorrect as it was meant to honour Colin Mossman, a former resident.

The Mossman family is still a prominent family in the area. Arthur Mossman was a pioneer who bought land there in the early 1900s.

Mr Mossman's property - Colinwood - was at the end of the road in question and he named the property after his son Colin. The road became known as Colinwood Lane.

While Mrs Nay is happy her street sign will no longer be stolen by AFL fanatics, which creates problems for emergency services such as fire crews and ambulances, she isn't looking forward to changing her address on all her documents.

During the council meeting Mayor Gail Sellers admitted "even when the council tried to do the right thing, they sometimes get it wrong".

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