Accused dealer heard 'discussing how to cut meth'

POLICE recorded an accused Yandina drug dealer talking about "cutting" or "bulking out" methamphetamine with an associate and his trial listened to some replays.

Paul Jeffery Lansdowne is on trial in Brisbane Supreme Court charged with trafficking in a dangerous drug, possessing property obtained from trafficking and possessing a dangerous drug.

The alleged offences happened over almost five months in 2013.

On Tuesday, Crown Prosecutor Caroline Marco played a number of recordings to the jury that were collected by police in May 2013 when officers bugged the defendant's home and tapped his phones.

Ms Marco said that in some of the recordings, Mr Lansdowne, 59, can be heard talking about the best way to dilute the purity of methamphetamine.

Some of the recording was not as clear as needed in a courtroom, so she repeated segments of the conversation.

An associate of the defendant told Mr Lansdowne he had used too much of some unstated substance.

"Yeah, yeah it's way too much for that ratio," the associate says.

A detective who helped record the conversations told the court the men were likely to have been talking about diluting the drug with epsom salts or laundry powder.

"By ratio they're referring to how weak or strong the product is," the detective said.

"They would have used anything that looked like the product, depending on what they've got.

"Probably epsom salts was the most common thing but it could be laundry powder."

In another recording, Mr Lansdowne and three other men are heard discussing a police raid against a woman from the Gold Coast. 

The trial continues before Justice Debra Mullins. - ARM NEWSDESK

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