Adam from Gogglebox.
Adam from Gogglebox.

‘Are we this stupid?’ Stars slam dating show

Channel 7's bizarre new dating show has been absolutely savaged by the cast of Gogglebox in one of their most brutal episodes yet.

The Proposal, which premiered on Tuesday night, failed to impress Aussies with a disappointing 307,000 viewers (five city metro), and the stars of the couch critic Foxtel show, which airs on Wednesday nights, probably resembled most of us who tuned in.

In each episode of The Proposal, a male "suitor" or a female "suitress" is hidden behind a screen called "the commitment ring". On the debut episode we had a single mum, Jess, who whittled down eight contestants to two after four rounds.

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Jess could see the contestants the whole time, but they couldn't see her. When she finally revealed herself at the very end, both blokes proposed. She chose Nathan.

This all happened in the space of one - obviously glorious - hour. Yes, 60 minutes and they're gettin' hitched. #2019 ey.

"It's like every worst dating show ever moulded into one," Isabelle said, with Di saying: "This show is one of the worst of these shows."

They weren't alone in their detest.

Actual reactions from all of us.
Actual reactions from all of us.

Jad, who shares the lounge with married friends Sarah Marie and Matty, declared: "What the f**k is going on", with Sarah Marie adding: "I don't know how I feel about this show, it makes me uncomfortable."

The funny man of Gogglebox, Adam, became outraged when host Luke Jacobz asked Jess if she'd found "true love", which she was confident she had.

"True love?! True love?! Who are we? Are we this stupid?" Adam lashed. "I've spent longer time with my doctor."


As ridiculous as they thought it was, Symon was still interested to know if the couple managed to last.

We can report five months down the track, Jess and Nathan are still dating.

"We are very much still together, very happy," Jess said, while flashing her new engagement ring on Sunrise this morning.

Ain't love grand?

Gogglebox airs Wednesdays on Foxtel at 7.30pm

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