AREVA plans to crush solar panels near Dalby

ENERGY company AREVA wants to crush a field of solar reflectors stockpiled on a property outside Dalby.  

Western Downs Regional Council Mayor Ray Brown said the company advised the council it wanted to dismantle the reflectors earlier this month.   

The reflectors were constructed for the KoganCreek Solar Boost Project - a 44-megawatt solar the rmal addition to the CS Energy's Kogan Creek Power Station west of Dalby.  

CS Energy chief executive officer Martin Moore refused to answer questions on how the project would be impacted if AREVA crushed the reflectors but in a statement said they were only a "portion" of the project.  

"The majority of equipment for the project is stored on the project site," Mr Moore said.  

Cr Brown said he wanted to see the reflectors salvaged rather than destroyed.

  "They were left there in good faith on a temporary basis, they have been there for significant years now and no action has been taken," Cr Brown said.  

"I am very disappointed we cannot find an outcome."  

Mr Moore said the issue was a commercial matter between AREVA Solar and the property owner.  

Cr Brown, despite his objections to the proposal, said the council could only address it under planning conditions.  

He said he was working with AREVA and Minister for Industry and Science Ian MacFarlane to see the reflectors used in other industries.  

"This was an avenue where I truly believe us as a nation should be heading," he said.

 Renewable energy getting crushed like this is not where we want to be."  

Mr Moore said the company was continuing to work with AREVA to resolve project issues, which have caused significant delays.

 "The Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project has experienced delays due to a combination of factors, including commercial and technical issues," Mr Moore said.  

According to the project website, CS Energy intends to have the project completed by late 2016.  

  • The Dalby Herald has contacted AREVA for a response.

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