The Angels' Dave
The Angels' Dave "Gleeso” Gleeson, John Brewster, Nick Norton, Rick Brewster and (front) Sam Brewster. Craig Peihopa

Aussie legends The Angels join huge line-up of rockers

WHEN the late Doc Neeson left The Angels, the band grappled with the decision before them - call it quits, or keep going.

The band's founder, John Brewster, said history had proven they made the right call to continue, a choice they made with Screaming Jets lead singer Dave "Gleeso” Gleeson at the microphone.

"The Angels wasn't about Doc Neeson, it was about The Angels and it was about the repertoire,” Brewster said.

"Doc was great and he's remembered very fondly, but Dave's amazing.

"He's just a great singer, he suits our repertoire.

"He's not stepped into somebody's shoes, he just brings his own thing to the party.”

The band has been part of the Australian rock scene for more than 40 years and has a string of hits, including Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, No Secrets and We Gotta Get Outta This Place, and is lining up for another Red Hot Summer Tour.

The Angels join the likes of Suzi Quattro, The Screaming Jets, Baby Animals and Moving Pictures on the festival line-up.

While a few band members on the bill might be getting a bit long in the tooth, Brewster said all were still "cutting edge”.

"There's no going through the motions with us, certainly with The Angels and the same goes for the Baby Animals, The Screaming Jets. It's exciting,” he said.

"My brother (Rick) and I have written songs for over 43 years now and we still love that process of creating something new.

"But at the same time we love playing our old repertoire. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have dated you know, and we've got a lot of songs that people love, so it's a great experience playing live.”

The Angels' Sam, Rick and John Brewster, Dave
The Angels' Sam, Rick and John Brewster, Dave "Gleeso" Gleeson and Nick Norton. Craig Peihopa

He said an Angels show was "a pretty wild affair” and it was just as exciting for the audience as it was for the performers.

The Angels journey began in Adelaide in the '70s.

"Jimmy Barnes said to me recently, he said "You and Rick were like sponges. You went across to Sydney and you soaked it all up',” Brewster said.

"And it's true. We learnt from the best.”

The best included David Bowie who the band toured for in 1978 and AC/DC.

"Rick rode in the bus with them and got to know Angus, and I sat in hotel rooms with Malcolm Young and a couple of guitars and traded ideas,” Brewster said.

"Those memories are pretty amazing”.

Memories he said were still being made with his son, Sam, alongside him now on bass, Gleeso on vocals, brother Rick as lead guitarist and Nick Norton on the drums.

The Red Hot Summer tour will play regional 10 shows across the country, including at Sandstone Point Hotel, Bribie Island.

Tickets sell out each year, and are available from 9am today through

Brewster said he loved touring and believed people in regional areas deserved to see a good show, just as much as those in the cities did.

"Expect an amazing show,” he said.

"Every band stands on its own merits and every band is a great band. It's going to be a wild experience.”

Red Hot Summer Tour

Where: Sandstone Point Hotel, Bribie Island, full event list at the festival's website.

When: Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tickets: Ticketmaster, phone 136 100 or visit the website.

Details: More information is availalble at the festival website.

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