Australian baby killed by Islamic State in vengeful act

AN Australian baby has been murdered by Islamic State terrorists after its freedom fighter father tried to leave a war zone.

A counter terrorism researcher says the horrifying act is probably "just the tip of the iceberg" and predicts we will see more of the barbaric acts in the years to come.

Deakin University Professor Greg Barton told on Friday people who were radicalised had been seduced into believing they were the ones doing the right thing and were "naive" to how dangerous IS could be.

It was only after they arrived in the danger zones they realised the extent of what they were involved in.

"The reality is different...ISIS celebrate executions and are exceptionally cruel."

Prof Barton said that violence extended to their own people and not just their enemies. They did so to "instil fear and cower" people into doing what they wanted.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Friday the baby had been killed by the bloodthirsty Islamic State after the infant's father contacted Australian authorities to seek help getting out of the war zone in the Middle East.

Intelligence agencies believe the murder was payback by Islamic State when it was discovered the father was planning to leave.

Prof Barton said IS ran the cities it controlled like " a police state" so when someone tried to leave, they would quickly know.
He feared such killings were only the "tip of the iceberg".

"We hear about some of them, but many of them we don't." That would change as IS came under increasing fire and was driven out of the cities it holds.

"There will be a lot more to come. We will be hearing lots, from both sides, of the things they have seen."

If someone was "foolish" enough to believe the IS propaganda they would learn the consequences of crossing them when they tried to return home, he said.

A spokesman for Attorney-General George Brandis told the Telegraph the federal government condemned any parent who put his or her family in danger in Islamic State territory.

"The government has consistently said going to the conflict zone puts yourself and others in danger," the spokesman said.The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been approached for comment.

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