Bail refused as woman faces machete, cop assault charges

A WOMAN has been refused bail over two dozen charges including going armed with a machete and serious assault of a police officer.

The list of charges against Philipa Ellen Anne Finn, 22, from North Booval, include two counts of serious assault police by biting/spitting; not complying with the duties of a driver involved in a crash on the Cunningham Highway on November 18, 2020; going armed with intent to break or enter; driving while UIL; possession of a knife in public at North Booval on July 5, 2020; trespass; causing wilful damage; three counts of common assault; going armed with intent to break or enter at Leichhardt on January 13 this year; entering premises by break; contravening a police direction; and failing to appear at court.

In a bail application on Tuesday, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Finn is alleged to have been in the backyard of a residence with a machete or hunting knife, and there had been five warrants issued for her arrest in the previous 15 months.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Bridie O'Shea said Finn is accused of being the driver of a car that collided with another car causing it to roll. It is alleged she fled the scene of the crash.

Finn was also charged with assault in an incident on November 21 where she was accused of being unlawfully in someone's backyard and when told to leave had spat at and scratched a person.

Then when found in another yard it was alleged she said that she had coronavirus.

She allegedly said the same thing to a police officer who was called to the scene before she allegedly spat in the direction of the officer.

Another charge relates to an incident at Ipswich Hospital where Finn is accused of spitting in the face of a police officer.

Snr Constable O'Shea said police opposed bail because of the risk she posed to others, and also because she was homeless, and would fail to appear at court.

Police checked 10 potential addresses but the residents at each of those places told police Finn was no longer welcome.

"She has a significant drug problem and appears to suffer from drug-induced psychosis and has been found in people's yards screaming," Snr Const. O'Shea said.

Defence lawyer Christy Louden said Finn wanted to go into drug rehabilitation.

"She identifies that she has drug issues. Mental health and substance abuse have been identified as issues (in a report)," she said.

"She says at the time of recent offences she was under the influence of drugs given to her by other people.

"She was also given a weapon by another person.

"She felt scared by the drugs' influence over her and went into other people's yards (for safety)."

Magistrate David Shepherd said material before the court indicates Finn was taken to Ipswich Hospital emergency for assessment but absconded while in a medical gown.

He said he was concerned by her lack of engagement with mental health providers and that she did not want to participate.

Finn interjected from the watch house via video-link, saying she requested to speak to mental health that morning.

The court was told Finn refused to speak to the court provided professional.

Mr Shepherd said one charge involves "a weapon, a machete, a knife"

"She is alleged to have been in a form of disguise indicating she was going to enter a person's home," he said.

Mr Shepherd said he formed the view Finn may represent significant danger to herself and to others.

He refused bail and remanded her in custody, with the case adjourned to February 17.

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