FINE TOUCH: Matty G goes to work on his swagman at the Jandowae Timbertown Festival.
FINE TOUCH: Matty G goes to work on his swagman at the Jandowae Timbertown Festival. Sam Flanagan

Big tool, gentle touch

IT'S funny how you stumble upon a now lifelong passion by pure accident.

One of the feature events at this years Jandowae Timbertown Festival was Matthew George and his chainsaw sculpting.

The wood wizard, better known as Matty G, said he only discovered his love of timber carving nine years ago.

"I was at home when I was living up in Cairns and I bought an electric chainsaw,” Mr George said.

"Then one day I made a couple of things with it and I loved it.”

From there Mr George went to markets, which he said didn't really work, but he kept plugging along doing what he loved.

"I shifted towns and had a bit of a vision for the town,” he said.

"One of the guys who owned a business in town said he wanted to support me... then all the businesses got behind the vision.

"We ended up with 50 carvings in the town.”

Maleny is now covered in Matty G originals and the artist is still as hungry as ever to develop his craft.

"I went to an island to do a war memorial and surprised myself because I went with the wrong equipment, but it still turned out well.

"I also did a woman sitting on a big mushroom with her eyes closed and smelling the air, that was another favourite.

"Some carvings I change halfway through from what I thought was a good idea to something even more exciting.

"A lot of them I love and they're pretty tricky to hand over to be honest.”

This year at Timbertown Mr George carved a swagman, as he knew it would suit the slab of timber he was dealing with.

"Prior to me touching the log I could see him in there, I just had to bring him out.”

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