Gillette says many blokes are using way too many strokes when shaving.
Gillette says many blokes are using way too many strokes when shaving.

Blokes with too many strokes? Five tips to a better shave

THIS may come as no surprise to women, but blokes are stroking themselves way too often in the morning.

According to recent studies, most guys take about 170 strokes to shave each day.

About 120 of them are re-strokes over the same area of the face already done.

While many razors come with built-in strips to reduce irritation, many men suffer from skin irritation.

Gillette put the concerns to the test, using an app which tracks the number of times men take to shave themselves.

The results confirmed the real need for a better lubrication before the blades an after the blades.

The company says its Fusion Proshield shaver promises to combat the problem.

Gillette expert and owner of Grand Royal Barbers, Steve Salecich, says: "Shaving irritation is something I see regularly with guys that come into our barber shops.

"We all shave on auto pilot and that means countless strokes without the protection of foam, which most men might not even realise is happening at the time."

The new Gillette ProShield recognises that this happens and gives us that extra shielding to protect our skin every time."


by owner of Grand Royal Barbers Steve Salecich

STEP 1: Prepare the hair
Before shaving, your skin and hair bristles should be prepared! One way you can do this is by washing your face with
a cleanser and warm water.

Alternatively, you can apply a hot towel to your face for at least three minutes.

This will soften the bristle hairs and relax the skin so that there is minimal resistance while shaving.

If you're time sensitive,  I recommend shaving after a hot shower when the facial hairs have been thoroughly soaked and cleansed.

STEP 2: Old school bristle brush is the way to go

Do it the old school way and use a shaving brush to lather up a good quality shaving cream or gel, applying it generously to your face.

The shave brush will help soften the bristle and make it easier to work the shave cream or gel onto your face.

Almost any shaving brush will do a good job but there are some types of brushes that are superior to all others.

These are usually made of silver tip badger hair.

STEP 3: Lather up

There are all sorts of creams and gels on the market and it all depends on your type of skin.

For most men I would recommend using a hydrating shave gel to really soften the facial hair. Not only will this protect your skin, it also improves the glide of your razor for minimum irritation.

STEP 4: Shield while you shave

By now your bristle should be well prepared for a close shave.

I recommend using a razor that will shield your skin from irritation and give you maximum hydration.

STEP 5: Moisturise to finish

Immediately following your shave, rinse your face with cool water to wash away any leftover shave cream or gel; the
cool water will also close your pores.

Lastly, moisturise your skin with a good aftershave balm or facial moisturiser.

This will soothe your skin and protect it from the elements.

A good moisturiser has numerous benefits but mostly it works by duplicating and strengthening the role of your body's own naturally produced sebum and thus protects the skin against excessive moisture loss.

This will also help reduce the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

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