LIVE UPDATES: Family told to give up prisoners if whereabouts known


  • Two prisoners have escaped from Capricorn Correction Centre's farm 
  • They are violent offenders 
  • One of the prisoners was serving 13 years for assault 
  • Corrective Services have revealed their identities 
  • Police are searching multiple locations in and around Rockhamtpon

LATEST | Identities of violent prisoners on the run near Rocky revealed

UPDATE: 9.48am: 

FAMILY, friends, and associates of two violent criminals who have escaped from a prison near Rockhampton have been told to contact police if they speak to the criminals, a woman privy to the prison's inner-workings says.

Glenda Mather, a Livingstone Shire councillor who lives near the prison, said police will have contacted those with connections to the prisoners' next of kin.

"They have a means of identifying who their last communication was with, and they will be contacting them to say, 'if you hear anything, let us know, because if you don't you will be an accessory to an escape," Ms Mather said.

A Queensland Police spokesman confirmed this morning officers around the state are "following up a number of leads" by contacting people connected with the two men.

Police have missed a window of opportunity to catch the escapees as they flee the prison, with the QPS spokesman saying it is "business-as-usual" for officers.

But the spokesman said Rockhampton Police would be on high alert, using regular operational duties, such as RBTs, to search for the men.

"Cops doing RBTs aren't just doing RBT's … they will be checking for these guys," he said.

"They've got in the back of their mind we've got to check for these guys."

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UPDATE: 3.46pm: 

POLICE continue to watch the homes of family and friends of the two violent prisoners who escaped the Capricornia Correctional Centre farm this morning.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said they had made no progress in tracking down escapees as of 3.40pm.

The Morning Bulletin has contacted the Department of Justice about the continued search.

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MANY RESIDENTS who live near the prison where two prisoners have escaped are reeling over the fact authorities haven't notified them.

Rockhampton Police told this newspaper they had "no further details" of the escape, but police are still searching the area for the prisoners.

It is understood police have a description of the prisoners and multiple vehicles that could be associated with the escape.

Livingstone Shire councillor Glenda Mather, who lives near the prison but knew nothing of the escape before The Morning Bulletin contacted her, said under a previous warning system, locals nearby were alerted with a siren and by phone.

"They need to know if there is a prisoner is determined out," Mrs Mather said.

"They (residents) certainly mind if their children are safe.

"We don't know that a prisoner is out, let alone two people."

Capricorn Correction Centre prison generic.   Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Capricorn Correction Centre prison generic. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin Chris Ison ROK060916cprison2

Ms Mather said it was in the interest of prison authorities and police to inform residents.  

"They need to let people know because they need the eyes out," she said.

Mrs Mather said once authorities suspect an escape, they search the entire prison for as long as an hour before extending the search to outside the prison.  

"It gives too much opportunity and time for them to disappear before the public is notified," she said.

"It gives them about half an hour to get where someone is waiting or to hide somewhere."

This paper has also contacted the Department of Corrections, but is yet to hear back. 

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THE DOG squad has reportedly been called to search for a pair of prisoners who have escaped from Capricorn Correctional Centre Farm.

Corrections have issued an alert to residents living near the prison to "be alert, be aware" and "monitor local media for more information".

It is understood police are searching a widespread area around the prison.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said police became "aware of an incident" at about 9.15am.

"We are investigating the situation now," the QPS spokesman said.

Areas urged to be on the lookout include Etna Creek, Rockview, The Caves, and other areas just north of Rockhampton.

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