A BRITISH politician has humiliated herself on television, appearing to have no idea about the details of a key UK anti-terror report almost 48 hours after the London Bridge terror attacks.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott had finally come out of hiding to give car-crash interview on police and security, where she was also forced to deny her colleagues thought she was a "liability".

Speaking about the London terror attack, she said Theresa May should be "embarrassed" by police cuts, The Sun reports.

But the woman who could be Home Secretary on Friday came out red-faced when she failed to answer a single question on a series of recommendations to keep London safer from terrorist attacks.

It was commissioned by the London Mayor and written by security expert Lord Harris, published in 2016.

He made 127 recommendations - including that London's three police forces should merge to help better deal with an attack.

Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan tried repeatedly to ask her what she thought of it and her ideas on what should be done to keep Britain safe in light of the attacks on Saturday night. But Ms Abbott had nothing to offer.

Three terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge just after 10pm and then jumped out with knives and started attacking members of of the public.

Ms Abbott proved to be ill-prepared for the interview after hours of commentators and voters demanding to know why she wasn't speaking out.

It was reported over the weekend that she had agreed not to appear on TV again until after the election due to a series of previous blunders on live TV, including where she accidentally proposed paying police officers just £30 ($AU51) a year.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is republished with permision.

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