A nasty little creepy critter was found in the potato and gravy that Grafton local Dylan Green bought at KFC Grafton on Fitzroy St.
A nasty little creepy critter was found in the potato and gravy that Grafton local Dylan Green bought at KFC Grafton on Fitzroy St.

Bugger! There’s a creepy crawly in my food

UPDATE 5.30PM: Dylan Green who was served a bug infested meal by KFC Grafton said he has been contacted by the area manger for that particular store. 

Mr Green said the area manager assured him that his complaint was being investigated and that he would be attending the store later this week to ensure hygiene standards. 

"They are definitely just making sure that it doesn't happen again for anyone else," Mr Green said. "I probably won't go there for a while.

"With the amount of people that were telling them about the story, it makes you feel like there is a real issue that needs to be sorted out."

The Facebook post Mr Green put on the KFC website had several comments from other concerned locals who had similar experiences at the same store. 

Grafton local Cody Tallon wrote that the store had been getting "worse and worse". 

"Totally agree this KFC is getting worse and worse," she wrote. "Went there last night 10 minute wait for my meal then when I received my meal it was the wrong meal so I showed them my recipient (sic) and looked at it myself.

"They had made a mistake of making the wrong order and then charged me extra because my meal cost a bit more which was there mistake in first place.

"Waited another 5 minutes to receive my meal, to finally get it and get home and my chickens looked days old, over cooked and tasted horrible so therefore ended in the bin. Pick your act up KFC Grafton." 

EARLIER: A GRAFTON couple is outraged over the quality of food they purchased from Kentucky Fried Chicken Grafton on Fitzroy Street after they found a dead bug swimming in their potato and gravy.

Jia Jones and her partner Dylan Green purchased a family bucket on Saturday night to enjoy with a few friends when they found the creepy crawler.

After calling the store to explain the issue and encourage them to rectify it before anyone else was affected they were directed to a customer complaints number which was disconnected.

Frustated by the service Mr Green turned to social media to vent his frustations with the company.

His post to the KFC Facebook site has been shared almost 500 times and has more than 500 'likes' and almost 300 comments since he posted it at 1pm on Saturday.

"Having people step up and say 'yeah we have had the same issue' is a big relief off our shoulders," Ms Jones said. "It shows that we are not alone and validates our complaint to the company.

"We are hoping they will get back to us and pick up their act and realise there is an issue."

Ms Jones said her and her partner's love of KFC food has definitely been affected by this incicdent.

"We love KFC - probably too much - but we always went to KFC to eat," she said. "But we are not going back now, I don't want to find any more bugs in my food.

"If there was a big change made then I might go back to the store, but it can't continue the way it is now because it is not healthy; it's really unhygenic."

A KFC spokesperson said the company was investigating the individual issue and has notified the area manager responsible for the Grafton store.

"We are looking into the incident in particular," they said. "We do take our food quality very seriously and would like to speak to the customer who has been affected.

"We will pass that feedback on to the area manager. Any feedback that comes through whether on social media or by the customer feedback line is accepted and processed with the utmost concern."

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