Kite v Kennedy
Kite v Kennedy

Building a treehouse helps Ipswich boxing champ recover

NEWLY crowned International Boxing Federation (IBF) Pan Pacific Welterweight champion "Banging'' Ben Kite displayed his inspiring family connection recovering from his latest victory.

He spent Saturday building a treehouse in his Springfield backyard for his sons Harper, who is two and a half years old, and 10-month-old Brooklyn.

"They are everything to me,'' Kite said, eager to resume training after his bruising 10 round TKO win over Sydney opponent Danny Kennedy in Brisbane last Thursday night.

"They're the whole reason that I'm doing this.

"It's all for them and I want to show them that if they put their heart and soul into something, they can achieve whatever they want.''

Kite said building a popular treehouse also provided some valuable quality time at home.

"Training and fight prep and everything takes so much time away from my family,'' he said. "So when I get the chance to have a bit of time off, I just want to spend as much time as I can with them.''

Apart from a couple of stitches from a cut on his forehead, Kite said he was recovering well from his latest bout.

"I'm not too sore. I'm not damaged this time around,'' he said, planning to keep training from Monday.

Springfield boxer Ben Kite is chasing another major title fight in the new year. Picture: AAP Image/Darren England
Springfield boxer Ben Kite is chasing another major title fight in the new year. Picture: AAP Image/Darren England

Kite, 30, has been living in the Springfield area for 12 months after growing up in Cairns and previously moving to Brisbane.

He discovered his passion for boxing while holidaying in New York with his wife Channon.

Kite had previously started boxing aged 13.

"When I was young, I sort of had to do a sport and I sort of fell into it,'' he said.

"It was always a hobby for me growing up. It wasn't something I did too seriously.''

But after testing his form as a 22-year-old in New York, he saw that he wasn't far off the top boxers in the gym.

He returned home with a more serious outlook that has yielded some outstanding results.

Before Thursday night's 13th victory at the Fortitude Music Hall, Kite had also won the Australian National Boxing Federation Australasian and Asia Pacific titles, along with the Queensland and Australian belts - all in welterweight.

He was thrilled to add another title to his collection as his reputation grows.

"That's definitely been the biggest one (win) so far,'' he said, rating the Fortitude Music Hall his favourite fight venue.

Ipswich boxer
Ipswich boxer "Banging'' Ben Kite is declared winner of the IBF Pan Pacific Welterweight title.

Kite made his professional debut in 2014.

The orthodox fighter's nickname "Banging'' comes from gym colleagues who noted his powerful punching style on the pads.

Kite has a 180cm reach that can provide major issues for his challengers.




Ipswich boxer
Ipswich boxer "Banging'' Ben Kite celebrates his IBF Pan Pacific Welterweight title with trainers Luke Meldon (left) and Stephen Deller.

The Ipswich boxer appreciated the help of trainers Steve Deller and Luke Meldon, who were in the ring to share his winning moment on Thursday night.

"They're the reason that I moved to Brisbane (before Springfield) because they are very renowned trainers and they're the best in the business and are also mates,'' he said.

Kite trains at the Fortitude Boxing Gym.

"I'll be back in doing some training on Monday,'' Kite said, waiting to see what happens the rest of the year before chasing another major fight in 2021.

"Things are a bit hard at the moment (setting up an international fight) but I definitely think that we've cemented our place at the top of the welterweight division in the country.

"I'm interested only in moving forward and I want to continue to step up and do bigger and better things.

"To be able to do that, we need some fights from overseas and international opponents.''

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