Murray Benton with his brother Brian Birchall.
Murray Benton with his brother Brian Birchall. Contributed

Bullying: why are we sending 12-year-olds to high school?

Letters to Editor:

Why are we sending 12-year-olds to high school?

I HAVE been reading about the story of a young boy, 12-year-old Brian Birchall fighting for his life because he has been bullied at school.

READ MORE: Mental health warrior stands beside Brian

Why are we sending our 12-year-olds to high school? This is not right. It's only bringing problems for everyone's concern.

It's time to start being rough on the trouble makers, teaching them to respect with kindness, showing them comfort to others.

Good behaviour goes a long way as you can see these teenagers don't care and not accepting these rules - "you" have to take the blame.

True, we all have problems but don't take it out on anyone. Talk to someone - a teacher, a social worker, a doctor, a minister.

Anyone that is capable to help you fix your problems. Don't let your problem get any bigger than it already is.

Marj Huskisson,



Cooloola Coast deserves better

LAST month, Telstra came to Tin Can Bay with a caravan selling services and solving problems.

Well I signed up for a package ADSL Broadband deal for 24 months.

Modem and Telstra TV delivered six days later. Phone installed 10 days later. Then two days later I was told, "sorry there are no ADSL ports available in Tin Can Bay." We won't charge you.

Seems that it is a day by day proposition, if a port becomes available you can have it.

The salesperson tells me now that at the time of sale they didn't know the availability situation.



4GX Telstra tower Sapphire, Korora.02 AUG 2017
4GX Telstra tower Sapphire, Korora.02 AUG 2017 Trevor Veale

At the very least they should have advised me (and everyone) at sign-up that maybe there would not be a ADSL port available.

Unconscionable conduct from my perspective. If I offered a service, sold it and the couldn't provide it, I would be legally charged?

NBN is not due in Tin Can until between January and June 2019, so Telstra are not installing any more ADSL ports.

I guess the communities of Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove are not important enough to get the same service that is afforded to the wider Gympie area.

I do know that when NBN is eventually available, I won't be connecting via Telstra.

Shame on you Telstra, we deserve better.

Christine Rogers,

Tin Can Bay



Happy to be able to eat again

MY JAW was broken and my doctors were not sure if I could wear a normal denture again.

I opted not to have any further surgery.

Before my jaw broke, I had my dentures made by Sudesh at Advance Denture Clinic and these were perfect.

I was sure he could help me. Although my jaw was damaged Sudesh made me a new denture.

I am so happy I can even chew nuts now.

Georgina Cannings,




Are you a good pet owner?

WHILE a dog that nips or bites may not seem like a serious problem, a biting dog is a dangerous dog. If you own a dog that bites, you can be held financially responsible for any injuries your dog may cause.

You might also be criminally liable if your dog kills someone. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to teach your dog to stop biting and become a good canine citizen. Training will take patience and time, but your well-trained dog will be a joy to be around and a great member of your family.


Children and adults are often the cause of the biting because they tease the dog excessively and the dog feels like he needs to defend himself. Do not leave small children alone with puppies or dogs and they are always at a higher risk of being bitten especially in the face and these bites can cause large scars. And teasing should not be part of a dog's life. Animals can also jump into beds and lie on the face of small children and smother them.

Julia Lawrence O.A.M.


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