Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne faces big pay cut to stay with 49ers

FORMER rugby league star Jarryd Hayne will stay with the San Francisco 49ers after reports no other clubs picked him up.

Hayne went unclaimed through the NFL's waiver system on Tuesday morning, clearing his return to the 49ers.

He tweeted just before noon on Tuesday that he's on the 10-player practice squad in preparation to return to the team's 53-man roster.

Hayne's axing from the team will mean a massive pay cut.

But the minimum payment for a practice squad player is still US$6,300 per week.

After the 49ers waived Hayne on the weekend, all other 31 teams had the option of placing a claim for him to join their active rosters.

None of the teams placed a claim for Hayne before Monday's 1 p.m. (PT) deadline.

Hayne was facing a tough road back into the San Francisco 49ers with reports another running back is in the picture.

News and sports sites are reporting that the 49ers plan to work out Ben Tate.

Drafted by the Houston Texans in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, Tate has also spent time with the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers, Foxsports.com.au reported.

Hopes for Hayne surged after Reggie Bush (knee) and Mike Davis (hand) were seriously injured in the 49ers' Monday loss to the St Louis Rams.

Bush suffered a suspected ACL tear that could potentially end his career.

There has also been speculation Hayne may be picked up by a rival team.

A short time ago, Hayne, a devout Christian, retweeted a scripture which may, or may not, indicate his time with the 49ers is over.

The Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets and Chicago Bears have been among those mentioned.

Opinion in the US appears to be divided over Hayne.

Some believe he is exactly the type of player the 49ers should be looking to keep.

But others say there has been an unrealistic expectation placed on him, particularly by the Australian media.

There's been plenty of bizarre suggestions on Twitter as to where the Hayne Plane may land next, including this one:




What you're saying on Facebook:

Matthew Lawlor: "The owners of the franchise and the management are in the process of driving the team into the ground. Traded vernon davis on monday. This guy is a 10yr vet of the team and still shining as 1 of the best in the game. best offensive player since jerry rice and they traded him for 6th and 7th round picks. Best outcome for jarrod hayne would of been being pick up by Seattle Seahawks."

Ben Zabel: "Still have to give him credit, yes has played football for years but not NFL, he has achieved what players spend years trying to reach is quite good, they all play high school and college levels before going for the main event, Haynes come from rugby league."

John Solomon: "Sorry ,for mine it's been a huge ego trip.Ok,he's been given a go with the 49ers,some flair but not what the yanks want,reality check required here.If he's played his cards right,got a manager,I'm sure he won't suffer too much........Finances will be tucked away nicely.Done better than most.....accept the result."

Steve Zehender: "No he hasn't. Just remember that he is only now learning how to play the game and this is just one of the hurdles he has to jump. Being treated like every other rookie is what he needs to keep his ego in check. Give him a year and, if he is willing to learn, he will make the starting line up."

Celeste Henson: "Come back home Jarryd & play for the WARRIORS."

Niell Graham: "There's a lot more to this story than what we are being told I think, why would they sign him, train him, rave about him and then cut him because he missed a couple of catchers. It's a bit like the broncos dropping Ben hunt for dropping the ball in the grand final. I don't think we are getting the full story."

Joshua Krutli: "Political factor maybe of influence to him being dropped rather than his performance even if it wasn't as good as it should have been."

Tristan Algate :"No, that's American sports winning is more important than a players "feelings"'

Chris Hanna: "No he was never good enough maybe in 2-3 years but Jim is the guy to help him I know what he did for the claymores first had a great coach and very understanding."

Micheal Riseley: "Supposed to be the best thing NFL has ever seen yet no team wanted him????"

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