Cat man defends midnight bashing

A MAN who was out walking his cat and repeatedly bashed a man with a metal pole he believed was responsible for a burglary offence claims he did not use excessive force.

Luke James Horton, 35, pleaded not guilty this week in Ipswich District Court to assault occasioning bodily harm while armed.

The alleged incident occurred on October 26, 2015 at Fiesta Place Caravan Park in Gailes shortly after midnight.

The court has heard Mr Horton claim he caught David Gould attempting to break into his caravan during the early hours of the morning.

Crown prosecutor Clare Kelly told the court Mr Horton chased Mr Gould through the caravan park and attacked him several times with the metal pole.

Mr Gould sustained a broken arm, lacerations and extensive bruising to his legs, arms and torso in the sustained attack.

Mr Horton told police officers who arrived a short time later he attacked and broke Mr Gould's arm because he would not listen to his "commands."

Mr Horton claims he was the victim in the whole tale.

Mr Horton, who is representing himself, spent several hours asking Mr Gould an array of questions about the events leading up to the attack.

Mr Horton was getting visibly frustrated when Mr Gould calmly stated he only went to the caravan park to collect half smoked cigarettes.

Mr Gould said he did not put his head through Mr Horton's caravan window as he claimed, and the first time he met him was when he was being attacked with the metal pole.

The court earlier heard Mr Gould had been charged with attempted break and enter after admissions he made during his police interview about the assault.

Mr Gould told officers he had gone to the caravan park weeks prior and had looked through a closed window of a caravan at the park.

Mr Gould pointed to that caravan on a map - which was nowhere near where Mr Horton's caravan was located.

Senior Constable Annette Bailey told the court when she arrived at the caravan park she noticed Mr Horton had Mr Gould pinned on the ground.

She said there were about four or five other men standing around with flash lights.

"I told him to get off the victim," she said.

"I then noticed he was holding a white, rusty metal bar.

"I told him to drop the weapon and he claimed he caught the man trying to break into his caravan.

"He told me the victim did not listen to his commands so he broke his arm.

"It was then I noticed a large lump on the victim's forearm so my partner called an ambulance and Mr Gould was taken to hospital."

The trial before Judge Greg Koppenol continues.

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