ON TRIAL: Luke James Horton
ON TRIAL: Luke James Horton File

Bizarre court saga: "Do you think I am a monkey in a zoo?"

A COURT has been played a recording of a man who was arrested for bashing a person he claimed was a robber being confrontational, cocky and smug towards police.

He claimed he had no idea how the man received his injuries despite telling another officer he broke his arm because the so-called robber would not listen to his commands.

Luke James Horton, 35, pleaded not guilty this week in Ipswich District Court to assault occasioning bodily harm while armed.

The alleged incident occurred on October 26, 2015 at Fiesta Place Caravan Park in Gailes shortly after midnight.

The court has heard Mr Horton claim he caught David Gould attempting to break into his caravan during the early hours of the morning.

Mr Horton allegedly confronted Mr Gould, gave chase and repeatedly bashed him with a metal pole before police arrived.

Mr Gould has given extensive evidence he was simply at the caravan park looking for half-smoked cigarettes.

Resident Gary Newton told the court he was awoke the night in question after hearing yelling near his caravan site.

He said it was between 11.30pm and 12am.

"I heard someone yelling stay on the ground," he said

"I heard another voice say 'get off me.'

"I thought it was the police so I got up to see what was going on.

"I was drinking that day so I was not in the best shape but I did not go outside, I just looked through my window."

Mr Horton, who is representing himself, then started a bizarre and comical line of questioning to the prosecution's witness.

"Do you think I am like a monkey in a zoo because I am a little bit different?" Mr Horton asked.

"I would say you keep to yourself and you are conservative," Mr Newton responded.

"Do you remember me bringing my American wife over," Mr Horton asked.

"No," Mr Newton responded.

"So you do not remember seeing an Hispanic girl with brown hair and really big boobs," Mr Horton asked.

"No," Mr Newton responded.

Mr Horton then played a DVD of a recording he made with Mr Newton after police came to the caravan park and asked for a statement.

This prompted Judge Greg Koppenol to ask what was the point of the DVD and what relevance it had to the case.

Mr Horton told the court it showed police had been taking statements from residents at the caravan park about what they saw on the night.

Judge Koppenol said "so what" the police were simply doing their job which they were paid to do.

The trial continues.

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