CHARGED: Here are 10+ of Charleville’s worst drink/drug drivers named and shamed.
CHARGED: Here are 10+ of Charleville’s worst drink/drug drivers named and shamed.

Charleville’s drug and drink drivers named and shamed

THE Western Times and Queensland Police Service are joining forces to tackle the scourge of drink/drug driving.

We have compiled a list of the drink/drug drivers that have gone through the Charleville court system throughout the last year, but starting next month we will be reporting every name who is found guilty in court of drug or drink driving.

This monthly list of shame will act as a deterrent, if you don't want everyone to know you have put the lives of other motorists at severe risk through irresponsible behaviour, then simply don't drink or drug drive.



William Peter Jeffery Saunders

A speedster who was caught with drugs in his system has been handed a hefty fine.

Saunders pleaded guilty to three charges in court, including driving without a licence and driving with a relevant drug in his system.

Police clocked him driving at 198km/hour on July 11 at 12.55pm. After doing a roadside drug test, it revealed positive for drugs, namely 0.009mg/kg of cannabinoid in his blood.

He was given a disqualified license and $1,100 fine.


Ashley Price

Price was disqualified from driving for 18 months after pleading guilty in court to a drink driving charge.

At 6.30am, Quilpie police intercepted him, when he blew 0.168.

Alongside the disqualification, he was also slapped with a hefty $1800 fine.


Samuel Arthur Taratoa

Taratoa pleaded guilty to three charges in court, including drug driving, possession of a knife in a public place and driving while SPER suspended.

On July 30, at 2.45pm police pulled him over on Edward St where he submitted to a drug test.

The test revealed a positive reading for cannabis and methamphetamine in his saliva.

After police checks, it also revealed his license was SPER suspended due to overdue payments.

After Taratoa was getting out of the car, police saw a grey and blue knife handle, which was revealed to be a hidden 4.5 inch long blade.

He told the court it was "just for stuff," but his solicitor claimed it was left in his car from when he used to work at Goatworks.

He was disqualified for driving for ten months, with a $1200 fine.


Nathan James Ramsey

Ramsey pleaded guilty to driving on Drayton Rd with methamphetamine in his system when on a probationary licence on October 26.

Magistrate Graham Lee fined Ramsey $900 and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for seven months on the drug driving offence, fined him $750 for the drugs matters.


Christopher Briggs

The 28-year-old Augathella resident blew 0.213 on Ward Road in Tambo.

After pleading guilty in court, he was issued a license disqualification for 13 months and a $1200 fine.


Jake McKinnon

The station hand pleaded guilty to a high range drink driving charge represented himself

On July 9 at 12:40am he was intercepted by police in Burke St and was taken to police station where he blew 0.153 at 1:08am.

He was issued a $950 fine and disqualified from driving for 8 months.

Trae Wayne Frail

Frail faced court on three charges including driving over the general alcohol limit, driving without a licence and providing false or misleading documents.

On June 13 he returned a positive blood alcohol reading of 0.082.

He then provided police with his cousin's licence instead of his own.

The Judge told him "a leopard does not change his spots," referring to his extensive criminal and traffic history of a like nature and sentenced him to 18 months parole, an $800 fine, a disqualified licence for 24 months for driving without a licence, as well as a further five months for driving under the influence.


Phillip Anthony O'Neil

O'Neil faced court for drug driving.

On April 11 at 8.45pm police intercepted O'Neil where he returned a positive roadside drug test, with the results revealing meth.

"How can you claim to be a family man while you are doing these drugs," the Judge said and issued him with a $900 fine and a disqualified license for nine months.

Trina Renae Bailey

Bailey faced court on a mid-range drink driving while on a provisional license charge as well as drug driving.

Her blood alcohol reading was 0.081.

She was sentenced to 24 months probation, a loss of licence for six months for the drug driving, and a further three months for the drink driving.

Bailey appeared pleased with the outcome, throwing her hands in the air while yelling "YES!"

"Don't get smart, get out!" the Judge retorted.


Scott Wright

Wright was left devastated after he was slapped for a 24 month license disqualification for driving while disqualified.

He had been sentenced to a one month license disqualification from a previous court date and believed his one month had been completed when he was pulled over by police, when it hadn't.

He pleaded guilty to driving without a license disqualified by court order.

Alongside the lengthy disqualification, he was also handed a $1,200 fine.


Leonard Mitsopoulos

Having his money stolen was no deterrent for Leonard Mitsopoulos, as he attempted to drive from the Northern Territory home to New South Wales.

Instead, he pulled registration plates off another car, and performed a number of fuel drive offs in Queensland before he was intercepted by Charleville police.

Magistrate Saggers issued one $1000 fine for all six offences, with no conviction recorded. He was also ordered to pay compensation to fuel stations in Cloncurry and Tambo.

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