Child rapist, murderer Neville Towner is up for parole

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EARLIER that day the body of the four-year-old was found face down in a creek, not far from her family home at Emu Plains. She had been raped, strangled, drowned and bashed over the head with a rock.

"He was very matter of fact. Towner told me what happened, where it happened and I asked him questions about where he was with her, where he threw her galoshes and he answered everything. There was no problem with it," says Laney, now retired.

"When I finished the interview with him I asked him if he would show us where everything occurred at the park. He was quite happy to do that, but the only comment he did make was 'I don't want to see Derek'- the child's father.

"Towner recalled details, he remembered everything I can tell you now, he knew exactly what happened, so when I heard later on that after he spoke to the psychiatrists that he couldn't recall anything, I just thought, that cannot happen - he can't do that," says Laney.

"Towner pleaded not guilty. We went through all the processes with two trials and I don't care about what he thinks, you couldn't not remember that, what he did. I find that difficult to believe - he certainly remembered the day he confessed.

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