IT'S OK: Aldi says it will accept the Cashless Debit Card.
IT'S OK: Aldi says it will accept the Cashless Debit Card. Paul Donaldson BUN030816ALD2

CONFIRMED: Aldi to accept cashless card

CONFUSION has reigned supreme at Aldi over whether or not it would accept the Cashless Debit Card.

Just four days after saying it wouldn't, the supermarket giant now says it will.

Tonight, Aldi released a statement on the issue.

The release read: "We understand the Cashless Debit Card trial is an initiative of the Australian Government.

"Aldi accepts all Visa, MasterCard and Eftpos cards, including the Cashless Debit Card.

"Aldi Australia currently does not accept the BasicsCard.

"We welcome future discussions with the Department of Human Services regarding the BasicsCard and Cashless Debit Card and the further implementation of these cards in the future."

One of the biggest topics of discussion in the debate over the Cashless Debit Card has been Aldi and its ability to accept payment with the card.

At 1.30pm Friday, an Aldi spokeswomen told the NewsMail the company was unable to process payments using the card.

"Currently the systems at Aldi are unable to process the welfare card," she said.

"We are investigating potential solutions, however at this stage there are no confirmed plans for our system to accept these cards."

But Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt, who is pushing to bring the scheme to the electorate, said he was concerned that Aldi and residents may have been misinformed.

He thought Aldi management had confused the Cashless Debit Card with the BasicsCard, a separate, more stringent income management system used in the Northern Territory.

It seems Mr Pitt was right.

"Let me be very clear - the Cashless Welfare Card can be used at Aldi and anywhere Eftpos is available, except alcohol and gambling venues," Mr Pitt said on Friday.

"Aldi does not accept the BasicsCard, which is entirely different to the Cashless Welfare Card.

"The Cashless Welfare Card and BasicsCard are not the same thing."

Social media has been rife with claims about Aldi not accepting the Cashless Debit Card, - the supermarket's own Facebook team also told a customer the company could not accept the cards because it was not compatible with its payment systems.

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