Council meeting will be 'extra-ordinary' this morning

WITH the Sunshine Coast Council's October ordinary meeting set to get underway this morning at Nambour, there's plenty up for discussion.

From major upgrades to some of the region's most popular parks to a future vision for the sporting and recreation future of a hinterland town, councillors will have plenty to consider.

Some of the quirkier proposals lay among the large number of amendments to local laws set to be put to community consultation.

Regulations over number of beehives on properties of a certain size, to updating the definitions of a dog, cat and even a cockerel are among the quirkier.

Drone-size regulations are also covered, as are moves to see designated rock climbing and abseiling areas in the region, dependent on the outcomes of the public consultation.

The Daily's website will cover the latest from the council meeting through the day.


Here's six things due to appear:

1. Nambour Activation Plan:

The implementation of a new path for the heart of the hinterland has been mapped out and councillors will decide on whether to back the plan and further explore the potential for a water park as part of the refurbishment of the town.

2. Cemetery Services:

The controversial funeral overtime fees could be put to rest tomorrow morning, when councillors will vote on whether to scrap the back-to-base travel overtime charges from the schedule of fees and services for burials.

3. Maleny Recreation Draft Master Plan 2015-2030:

Big news for the people of Maleny and nearby suburbs, with the Draft Master Plan outlining a vision for the next 15 years for major sport and recreation facilities in the area. Councillors will today vote on whether to adopt the plan, which includes expansions to the soccer club among others, before putting it out to community consultation to fine-tune the plans.

4. Crummunda Park Landscape Plan:

The iconic Wurtulla park, on the northern side of Currimundi Lake, is set for a major facelift, with councillors set to vote on whether to adopt the $450,000 upgrade plans for the site, including widening of footpaths, upgrades to equipment and facilities and carpark expansions.

5. La Balsa Park Landscape Plan:

Another hugely popular park on the Coast, La Balsa could be in for an $860,000 facelift over the next five years, if councillors vote to adopt plans which include extensions to the fishing platform, new picnic shelters and designated car and trailer parking facilities.

6. Local Laws:

A raft of amendments have been mooted for local laws, from simplifying definitions of dogs and cats, to designated abseiling and rock climbing areas, prohibited pet areas on major beaches and even issues like how big your drone can be before it needs to be registered, all are on the agenda to be tweaked, with councillors set to vote on pushing a large number of amendments to the public consultation phase, to allow the community to have its say on the vast number of amendments proposed.

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