Council workers in shock as police search offices

ACTING Ipswich mayor Paul Tully says he and the other councillors were shocked when police executed search warrants at the council offices and Paul Pisasale's home, yesterday.

Paul Pisasale announced his resignation this morning from St Andrew's Private Hospital board room.

The CCC has confirmed it executed a search warrant at Ipswich City Council yesterday. 

A spokesperson said the search was related to an ongoing CCC investigation. 

"As the investigation is ongoing, it is not appropriate for the CCC to comment further," the spokesperson said. 

Neighbours say they saw police at Paul Pisasale's home yesterday while Cr Tully confirmed the police attended the council chambers on South St, about noon.


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Cr Tully said he had been aware police were making enquiries in recent days but was shocked when the warrants were executed.

"The mood (at the council chambers) is one of surprise and it's quite sombre," Cr Tully said.

"The first indication they (the police) were going to execute a search warrant was when they arrived."

Cr Tully spoke of Paul Pisasale's reputation as a social character, well-known throughout the city, the country and some parts of the world. 

Cr Pisasale fronted a Crime and Corruption Commission hearing as part of the watchdog's investigation into the Ipswich, Gold Coast and Moreton Bay council elections.   

The Courier Mail reports a fresh investigation into Cr Pisasale has been launched and a developer is also likely to be questioned as part of the probe.

  What we know

  • Paul Pisasale has resigned
  • Cr Tully will to take over as acting mayor
  • The Mayor and CEO cancelled a trip to the US for the Smart City Awards, councillor Cheryl Bromage went instead
  • The Mayor is in hospital at St Andrew's
  • Cr Tully confirmed authorities yesterday raided council offices and Cr Pisasale's home


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