TEN days ago Ian and Sharon Brown placed an advertisement for a part-time, $165 a day position to work on their farm - only a handful of jobseekers have since called to apply.

The couple have been left disappointed by the lack of enquiries for the position in a region desperate for more jobs.

"We just find it really slack," Mrs Brown said.

"Considering we live in such a high unemployment rate area, it's quite shocking the number of calls we had."

The couple published an ad and advertised online seeking workers to carry out weed spraying, brush cutting and tordoning to maintain their 2000 acre property, with no experience required.


"We used to be known as a hard working country and now we're not because there's nothing to force these young people to get out," Mrs Brown said.

ABS data shows the Wide Bay's unemployment rate is 9 per cent, with the Australian average at 5.5 per cent and youth unemployment at a shocking 27.9 per cent.

The high unemployment rate has left Mr and Mrs Brown perplexed as to why they cannot find people wanting to work.

Ian and Sharon Brown.
Ian and Sharon Brown. Inge Hansen

About 12 months ago, the farming couple advertised for the same job and found many simply didn't turn up for the job or lacked work ethic.

"When (Ian) turned his back they'd have a sneaky smoke or check their phones even though we told them you can't use them while they're working," she said.

"We had a lot of people call to say they're interested and then not show up when we organised to train them and talk them through the work."

Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien said he could relate to jobseekers on a personal level having been one himself during a time of high unemployment.

"My high school education was cut short after completing year nine, when I became a childhood carer of a terminally ill parent," he said.

"After mum passed away, I was left with few qualifications at a time when the economy was in poor shape and jobs were hard to come by (but) I did whatever I could to earn a living from picking crops to labouring and working on the factory floor."

Mr O'Brien said based on his own experience, hard work and determination paid off.

"I would encourage any jobseeker in Wide Bay to look at all jobs on offer, meet with prospective employers and see if they can do the job," he said.

If you are interested in this job you can call Mr and Mrs Brown on 41296117.

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