Karl Cooper said he had no idea why he had been targeted. Picture: Mega Agency
Karl Cooper said he had no idea why he had been targeted. Picture: Mega Agency

Dad’s rude find on KFC takeaway order

A UK man has spoken out after he picked up his KFC order - only to find a crude insult on the label.

Karl Cooper, from Chesterfield, England, ordered some food on his lunch break recently.

But when he returned to work, the 37-year-old discovered the work "sh**face" had been plastered on two separate pots of gravy.

He said he had no idea why he had been targeted, and that while his order had been delayed by up to 20 minutes, he hadn't complained or made a scene.

The father-of-one told The Sun he was stunned by the label.

"They took my order for 20 hot wings, two pots of gravy and some coleslaw, and it did take a while for me to be given it," he told the publication.

"It was probably 15 or 20 minutes. But I didn't moan or complain, I wasn't an awkward customer.

"They even apologised for the wait. I took the food back to work, got the gravy out and that's when I saw the word sh**face. I couldn't believe it - I was really shocked."

Mr Cooper eventually messaged KFC privately on Facebook, sharing a photo of the gravy.

"Just been to one of your restaurants and I'm very offended by this," he wrote.

However, he was unimpressed by the fast-food chain's apology - and offer of a mere £10 ($A18.78) voucher in compensation.

"We would also like to send you a £10 goodwill voucher to say thanks for letting us know," the company allegedly wrote.

He told The Sun the slur may have been a joke and could have been intended for the kitchen staff and not customers.

"I really hope it was not aimed at me personally," he told the publication.

"It might be a prank - I didn't do anything to upset them. It's very strange, I've never been called that before.

"The label also said it was gravy and then there's the word s**tface above the time of purchase."

He said he would boycott KFC in future.

"I think KFC has lost a loyal customer. I'll probably go to McDonald's again in the future - or Burger King," he said.

"A young child could have received that. I can't believe it could happen. I really can't see why it would be aimed at me.

"I did nothing wrong. It's not a very nice thing to say. Whoever wrote it needs to grow up."

A KFC spokesman told The Sun the company was looking into the incident and would "make it up" to Mr Cooper.

He also told Metro he "didn't deserve" the insult.

"I was really shocked to see that random, unpleasant word printed across the top of my sides after waiting so long for my lunch," he told Metro.

"Even if it wasn't meant for me, and the guys behind the counter were just bored or had meant it for someone else, it's just not on.

"Truthfully, it probably wasn't meant for me, but they should be careful. Lots of kids go to KFC - the staff there should really know better."

The incident comes just days after a New Zealand mother also received a similar slur on a receipt from her favourite cafe.

Earlier this month, Kimberly Sze visited Coffee Supreme on Christchurch's Welles St with her young family - but after double-checking her bill, she was stunned to find she had allegedly been overcharged, and her daughter had also been insulted with the words "Fam w (sic) the terrifying kid" printed at the top of the document.

The mother-of-two shared a snap of the receipt on Facebook soon after making the discovery.

"Hey Coffee Supreme NZ you might want to train your staff at Coffee Supreme Welles Street a little better. Writing "family with the terrifying kid" on our ticket AND intentionally overcharging us … nice one," she posted.

"We come almost every weekend and my daughter is nothing but polite and friendly and we've never left a mess.

"She's never been a terror, never had a meltdown, never caused any problems and the same people working today always comment on how cute and sweet she is, so what the actual f?"

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