ARRESTED: Leeton Neil Hedge faced Dalby Magistrates Court on two charges. Picture: File
ARRESTED: Leeton Neil Hedge faced Dalby Magistrates Court on two charges. Picture: File

Dalby man swears at police when mum picks him up

A DRUNK Dalby man who swore at police when his mum picked him up from the pub ended up in the watch house for his obscene language towards police.

Leeton Neil Hedge, 21, was reprimanded by a Dalby Magistrate for his behaviour on the evening of September 1 at the Australian Hotel and the Russell Tavern.

The court heard Hedge's booze-filled problems began at the Russell Tavern where he was told to leave after he began smoking and acting intoxicated inside the premises.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said Hedge then attended the Australian Hotel where he was also refused service, prompting him to call a staff member a "f---ing dog", and asked to fight in the side alley.

Hedge had left before police arrived, where they obtained the hotel staff's version of events, and located him shortly afterwards walking on Drayton St.

The defendant told police he had been cut off for no reason, and said he was going to get his brother to pick him up.

Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: Mark Cranitch.
Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: Mark Cranitch.

The court heard police had called Hedge's mum to organise a lift, who quickly came to pick him up and assured police she'd take care of him.

Senior constable Tahana said as Hedge was getting into the vehicle, he said "you're not bad Minsey, but this c---", referring to the other officer.

"The defendant's mother has apologised at this point for her son's behaviour," she said.

"Police warned the defendant if the offensive behaviour was to continue he would go back to the watch house instead."

Hedge then replied "I said where did you find this c---?"

He was subsequently arrested for causing a public nuisance, and began tensing his arms as he was being led away by police.

The court heard he started to pull his arms away and drag his feet along the ground, and continued this behaviour when he was taken to the watch house.

Senior constable Tahana told the court Hedge then said "f--- the police" to a watch house sergeant while he was in custody.

"He had to be physically placed in the holding cell, and became increasingly aggressive," she said.

"He stated to police 'you wait until you run into me c---, in the street c--- I'll give you trouble … I mean it brother I'm going to give you trouble, I'll f--- you up'".


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Solicitor Jessica Hine told the court that even though the 21-year-old had a criminal history, there were no like offences.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop disagreed, citing his previous offences of serious assaulting police, "biting and spitting", common assault and grievous bodily harm.

Ms Hine acknowledged her mistake, saying he had been trying to stay out of trouble since his 2018 offence.

"He is trying to stay away from the wrong crowds, and admits he was highly intoxicated," she said.

"He is receiving counselling for drugs and alcohol through his parole, and this is a plea at the earliest stage."

Magistrate Mossop scolded Hedge for his use of the word "c---", saying it's confusing for him to use such a highly offensive word for a vagina if he liked women.

"If you like women's vaginas, why would you want to call the police that multiple times, I don't know," she said.

"If you like the police that much, you're not meant to tell them in that way, do you understand that?"

She told Hedge he should be "ashamed" of himself after the way he behaved in front of his mum, saying his poor behaviour was on him.

Magistrate Mossop then cited his previous offences he committed when he was 18-years-old, causing him to be given parole.

Hedge pleaded guilty to both charges, and was given 80 hours community service.

Convictions were recorded.

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