Delta Goodrem was not impressed with an audition on The Voice.
Delta Goodrem was not impressed with an audition on The Voice. Channel 9

‘Delta, geez’: The Voice viewers shocked by harsh comments

DELTA Goodrem shocked some viewers of The Voice with her harsh comments about a 20-year-old contestant's audition.

Brisbane law student Liz Conde sang Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You on last night's episode but Goodrem was less than impressed during the performance, shaking her head and saying, "no, sorry".

Seal was the only coach to turn his chair and after the song he praised Conde's performance and told her it "was really quite special".

But Goodrem didn't agree.

"You know what, I don't want to bring down the mood (but) I found that a little confusing," Goodrem said to Conde.

"I found that quite hard to connect to. I feel like there's a little bit of instinct missing. The exciting news is that means you've got so much more to grow from. You know, there's a lot to work on."

After Conde left the stage, Goodrem turned to fellow coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George and said, "Everything about that was my least favourite audition".

"That was as polite as I could have been on that one. I really didn't like that," she said.

Viewers took to social media to express their surprise and disappointment over Goodrem's comments:

Delta Goodrem has copped plenty of flak on social media during this season of The Voice but the Aussie singer told The Daily Telegraph recently that she's not bothered about the negative feedback.

"The criticism is all just water off a duck's back because the reality of what I get to live with is very different," she said.

"I have only the intention of making people's day better and if someone has an intention that's the opposite of that then that's their problem."

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