Rotten sausages ruin family's Australia Day

THERE'S nothing more Aussie than having a snag on Australia Day but for one family that tradition was ruined.

Nicole Wessling said her Toowoomba family of eight's celebrations were ruined by rotten sausages.

Ms Wessling noticed a foul taste when she went to eat her "sanga on bread" on Australia Day and quickly spat out the unpalatable snag.

Despite having a "use by" date of February 7, she said the sausages were off.

Two of her children consumed two sausages before she realised there was a problem with them.

Ms Wessling said although the children were alright, her Australia Day celebrations with her family were ruined by the rancid snags.

She said she bought a tray of 22 beef sausages from Coles Toowoomba South at Toowoomba Plaza.

Nicole Wessling, pictured with her son Samuel.
Nicole Wessling, pictured with her son Samuel.

"It's not the first time I have bought off meat from the same store," she said.

"Once I had chicken and chicken mince ready to cook at dinner and it was off.

"Thanks a lot for your service but I will no longer be buying meat from the store now as I don't trust it.

"This is a huge disappointment and I am one very upset customer.

"That dinner was ruined. Thanks a lot."

A Coles spokeswoman said the supermarket took the quality and safety of the food it sold seriously.

"We are in contact with the customer and our quality team will investigate.

"We work actively with suppliers and regulators to ensure correct food handling procedures are held to strict standards."

Ms Wessling returned the sausages to the store yesterday morning and was refunded $9.90.

She spoke with the manager but was not happy with the response.

However she was later mollified after speaking with a representative from the Coles head office.

"I got more of a response and they are following it up, which I am happy with," she said.

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