A FIGHT between a snake and a dog has had a fatal end on the Sunshine Coast.

Luke Huntley from Snake Catcher Noosa was called out to a 30-acre property in North Arm on September 11 after the family's dog got its paws on a five-and-a-half foot red-bellied black snake.

Mr Huntley said the family discovered the venomous snake, which appeared to be injured, near their back step.

"They weren't certain if it was injured at first but weren't going to have a close-up look - this is the right thing to do," he said.

"Always wait for the professionals to arrive for your safety."

When he arrived, the snake catcher discovered the snake with multiple injuries, puncture wounds and a broken back.

"There were puncture marks halfway down its body and there was a point in its back where it was broken," the snake catcher said.

"You could see a really visible indentation where it had been crushed.

"Bentley was a bulldog, a big strong dog and this red belly didn't stand a chance."

He said he told the family to take their dog to the vet as a precaution.

"The first thing I say to people is if they have a dog or a cat, if they think if it's been in a fight with a snake, is always take it to the vets to be sure," the Noosa-based snake catcher said.

"They said the dog was looking fine and feeling fine, so I said take it to the vets to be sure.... or else Bentley could have been in a very bad way or could have died overnight."

The Williamson family took his advice and rushed Bentley to the vets - just in the nick of time.

Shortly after arriving, the back half of the bulldog's body became paralysed.

"He has received one dose of anti-venom and fluids," Bentley's owner Carly Williamson said.

"Only time will tell how much venom he received and if he will need further treatment.

"He seems bright and happy enough at the moment."

The bulldog is now recovering at home, but the snake died shortly after it was picked up by the snake catcher.

Mr Huntley said it is unusual for red bellied black snakes to venture away from bodies of water - but with the Sunshine Coast's dry conditions, he is being called out repeatedly to catch snakes on the hunt for water near homes.

"Keep an eye out for snakes - not only is it breeding season, so males are coming out, but it is so dry," he said.

"Snakes are going up to houses looking for water, I've come across a few near dog's water bowls."

The Snake Catcher Noosa relocates snakes across the Sunshine Coast. Call 0499 920 290 if you need a snake removed.

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