Gladstone magistrates court
Gladstone magistrates court Gladstone Observer

Drink driver caught after 20 beers on NYE

LIKE most people who celebrate New Year's Eve Joshua Dennis Watkins put away quite a few beers on the night.

He told Gladstone Magistrates Court he drank about "20 light beers" before going to bed but Watkins ended up running into trouble the following morning.

On New Year's Day police pulled Watkins over on Tannum Sands Rd at 11.15am where he blew 0.126 over the legal limit.

Despite receiving a gentle prodding from Magistrate Melanie Ho to go and see the duty lawyer, Watkins decided to face his troubles alone.

"It won't make much of difference," he said.

As Ms Ho was reading through Watkins traffic history she remarked that she was "concerned" that Watkins may have had "an issue with alcohol".

But interjecting, Watkins said he had changed his ways.

Nevertheless Ms Ho fined Watkins $650 and disqualified him from driving, despite the court hearing that Watkins needed his licence to help care for his elderly father.

In her decision Ms Ho took into consideration the fact that Watkins chose not to drive on New Year's Eve and had only drunk light beers.

"You're a slight man and of a small build...obviously you're not metabolising (alcohol) like you used to."

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