HOT WHEELS: Orlando Charlie Arama shows off his pride and joy in a photo posted to Facebook.
HOT WHEELS: Orlando Charlie Arama shows off his pride and joy in a photo posted to Facebook. FACEBOOK

Dad sent to jail for driving offence, car impounded

A DAD'S desperate plea not to be jailed after he was arrested yet again for driving despite being court disqualified, failed.

Instead it was a dismal end to road travel for Orlando Charlie Arama, 25, when Gladstone magistrate Jason Schubert sentenced him to 10 months jail.

However, he will be released from jail after serving four months.

Looking sad at the outcome, Arama was taken into custody in the dock but the fate of his beloved Commodore could be far worse as police impounded it.

It may be crunched by a metal crusher, returned to the bank if money is still owed, or the government may sell it off at auction.

Arama pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to driving when disqualified on September 26.

At the time Arama was not allowed to drive because he was disqualified for three years by the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court in 2013.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens said police saw Arama get out of the driver's side door then walk to the passengers side.

Arama denied he was driving.

Sgt Stevens said police impounded his car for forfeiture because he had three offences of driving when disqualified in the past five years. In that time he had also been sentenced to a jail term.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said Arama had since attended anger management counselling on October 7.

"He was not intending to drive. He was with family and going to an uncle's home a short distance. He could easily have walked," Ms Ditchfield said.

"It was unfortunate as he became embroiled in an argument with a female friend. He got angry, was not thinking and made the foolish decision to drive."

Ms Ditchfield said Arama had been going through a difficult time in his life and "simply making stupid decisions, essentially being self destructive" by using drugs heavily, cannabis and ice.

"Since his last offence over two years ago he has given up all drug use," she said.

Ms Ditchfield said he had not been required to do any counselling when on parole previously and to do so now, to seek help, was a significant step and she sought parole for him as an alternative to jail. He also had two cars to pay off if jailed.

Mr Schubert noted that Arama had attended one counselling session.

"Your offending shows complete utter disregard for the orders of this court. There are consequences for you and your family if you are imprisoned today, the loss of your car, rental property, yet you knowing these consequences drove," he said.

Mr Schubert said he had slightly reduced the jail term because of its impact on his young family but the court needed to deter people from driving when disqualified.

He was also disqualified for two years.

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