Muay Thai fighter bust for supplying MDMA for tattoo bill

A MUAY Thai fighter was bust for supplying drugs after he gave a mate MDMA in exchange for a reduction on his tattoo bill.

At Ipswich District Court, Ethan John Bryson pleaded guilty to supplying and possessing dangerous drugs.

Police caught the 22-year-old with five tablets of MDMA in December last year, when they pulled over a vehicle he'd been a passenger in.

Crown prosecutor Ryder Reid said Bryson told police he was travelling from a party where he had sold two tablets of the drug.

He said the drugs in his possession were going to be shared among his friends for New Year's Eve.

Police later examined Bryson's phone and found a few drug related-text messages.

Mr Reid said an exchange of messages indicated that Bryson had supplied MDMA to a mate to whom he owed money for tattoo work.

"Bryson previously owed $100 for the tattoo work, but after he gave his friend the drug, that debt was reduced to $50," he said.

Mr Reid said Bryson had supplied the drug to several people over the course of a few months.

"MDMA is recognised as having a detrimental impact on the user and society in general," Mr Ryder said.

"While there is no evidence of a commercial gain by Bryson, his willingness to supply MDMA to his friends supported the illicit drug trade."

Bryson's barrister John Jacob said his client was a young man who had become caught up in the nightclub scene.

"My client had been sharing the drugs with his friends who were already users - so he wasn't introducing it to others," Mr Jacob said.

"Since this offence, he has changed his lifestyle, stopped using drugs and feels much better for it."

Mr Jacob said his client was an apprentice electrician who was also training to compete in professional Muay Thai competitions overseas.

Judge Sarah Bradley noted Bryson had cooperated and made admissions to police and had no prior convictions.

She told Bryson he had jeapordised a very promising future by committing the offences.

"You have to appreciate the community regards these drugs as serious; people can have very bad reactions to MDMA and can die," she said.

Bryson was sentenced to 18 months probation.

No convictions were recorded.

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