Cyclist Jeff Morris
Cyclist Jeff Morris Boni Holmes

Fair go for cyclists: 'I nearly got hit by a truck'

AS FAR as triathlete Jeff Morris is concerned, there are three types of drivers when it comes to being a cyclist.

"There's the ones who pay attention and keep their distance from cyclists, those who drive with general inattention and are usually on their phones and those who don't think cyclists should be on the road and drive really close," he said.

Having dealt with a number of dangerous drivers on Fraser Coast roads, the triathlete of more than four years has had to resort to training during early hours of the morning to avoid unwarranted abuse and danger.

However, cycling at 3am still had its downfalls.  

"I nearly got hit by a truck at 5.15am about two weeks ago," he said.

"The truck was probably within half a metre of me and there was no cars coming in the opposite direction so there was nothing stopping him from merging into the other lane to avoid me.

"Having said that, truck drivers are usually very good and they're the ones who endeavour to give you room."

Current regulations in Queensland surrounding the distance cars must travel from cyclists on roads require cars travelling under 60km per hour to leave a one metre gap and a 1.5 metre gap when travelling over 60km per hour.

It was just last month when Western Australia followed suit.

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According to Mr Morris, who is also a committee member of Hervey Bay Triathlon Club, many drivers suggested cyclists pay registration for using roads, something he would happily do if he could.

Cycling predominately in Hervey Bay and Maryborough, acknowledged there were cyclists who did not abide by road rules.

"As with any group there's people who do the wrong thing and I know there's cyclists in big groups who spread across the road," he said.

"The reality is, if they (do the wrong thing), there's more of a risk they'll get hit by a car and get hurt or injured."


Despite facing risks on the road, Mr Morris said it would never deter him from his passion.

"I'm not going to sit on a stationary bike to do my training," he said.

"We like cycling and getting out and being active but we just want to change the mind set of drivers out there."

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