Father accused of kill threats faces court

A FATHER accused of threatening to kill women in the Casino area days before Christmas has had his bail request refused.

Glenn William Beaven mouthed "I love you" to family members in the public gallery and put his hand to his heart before he was seated in the dock.

He is charged with two counts of stalk/intimidate intend fear, physical etc harm and one count of use carriage service to threaten to kill.

On Monday at Lismore Local Court, the prosecution read screenshots of the intimidating text messages Beaven allegedly sent to his former partner on December 23.

The prosecution said the text messages were typed in capital letters and appeared to also intend violence against other women in the Casino area.

"Any woman in knife throwing distance I'm going to finish," a text message read.

Beaven's Legal Aid lawyer said the alleged threats were made in the context of a family dispute late last year that resulted in him being denied access to his grandchildren over Christmas.

His lawyer said Beaven had been in custody since Christmas Eve and put forward a case for bail to be granted in order to have the 48-year-old's mental health issues treated by a private psychiatrist.

A $2000 surety was among a set of strict bail conditions the defence offered the court.

Magistrate David Heilpern acknowledged Beaven's "significant mental health issues", outlined in a report presented to the court.

But he said the accused's "lengthy" criminal record didn't support his application for bail, citing an AVO breach in 2003 as well as a suspended jail term for stalk and intimidate in 2015.

Mr Heilpern said the matters were very serious and "not lightweight threats" and reiterated the intimidating remarks Beaven allegedly made to a police officer and his family when he was bail refused on Christmas Day: "I'll follow you home and rape your daughters".

The magistrate also highlighted Beaven's alleged reference to one of his daughters as a "c**t" and his threat to kill her while he was in the presence of police.

In the newly-constructed dock surrounded by glass walls, Beaven pressed a button to gain the attention of the court and denied accusations he threatened his daughter.

Beaven was refused bail and his case will now be heard on April 7.

As he exited the court, Beaven again denied the allegation he threatened to kill his daughter.

"I'd never threaten the life of my children ... ever," Beaven said.

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