Felicity breaks down on Seven year Switch.
Felicity breaks down on Seven year Switch. Channel 7

Fiance’s rage: ‘It’s disgusting behaviour’

WHILE one man's "disgusting behaviour" has come to the surface during an ugly fight with his partner on Seven Year Switch, another husband's suspiciously close relationship with his dental assistant has been accidentally outed.

During Tuesday night's therapy sessions, each experimental couple is handed an iPad and tasked with watching video footage of arguments they've had with their real-life partners.

We observe Stacey Louise watching her fight with Sarge, but the only thing I take away from it is Stacey is in desperate need of some John Frieda Frizz Ease.

Stacey ‘it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity’ Louise.
Stacey ‘it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity’ Louise. Channel 7

Thankfully, things pick up during Michael's therapy session when he watches an argument he had with partner Felicity.

In the footage, we see her pick at him and he snaps back and it quickly explodes.

"If I'm so bad, piss off!" he yells at her.

On the couch with therapist Jo Lamble, Michael is shocked at his own behaviour.

"When I look at myself act like that ... It's disgusting. It's disgusting behaviour," he says with his head in his hands. "That needs to stop. It's just terrible."

Over in a separate seaside mansion, his partner Felicity hits play on the same video and she watches herself trolling Michael until he lashes out.

"It makes me think maybe something's wrong with me," she says, breaking down.

"Sometimes I just need to shut up because I just kept going ..."

Felicity breaks down on Seven year Switch.
Felicity breaks down on Seven year Switch. Channel 7

We could sit around analysing the problemed relationship of Felicity and Michael but I'd rather clean the cupboard under my kitchen sink than even begin with this mess.

What I do want to talk about is the shifty revelation that came out while Mark watched the video of his argument with partner Kaitlyn.

"When we first started dating, someone in particular kept calling over and over and over and you said it was your dental assistant," Kaitlyn confronts Mark in the footage.

We all immediately look at Mark and he doesn't quite know how to explain this.

Mark’s teeth aren’t that clean.
Mark’s teeth aren’t that clean. Channel 7

Mark is so uncomfortable with what just came out it's as if we just opened up his internet browser history and scrolled through it on live on TV.

When he's asked to discuss the argument, he awkwardly skirts around the bit about his very dedicated dental assistant, but he still doesn't really make it sound better.

"Sometimes I don't tell the exact truth to Kaitlyn because she'd put two and two together to make up something in her head that is not true," he tells the therapist.

Annoyingly, we move on swiftly and don't even get the opportunity to politely ask Mark about his dental assistant and why she persistently calls him at home late at night.

Over at Johnny and Stacey Louise's mansion, they're spiralling into anxious, paranoid messes and become concerned their partners are having more fun then they are.

"If he's having more fun with another woman, it's over between me and him. He can f*ck off out of my life," Stacey Louise says, though it's muffled because her frizz situation has now become so bad her entire face is covered in hair.

Shakira, Shakira.
Shakira, Shakira. Channel 7

Stacey has one simple rule in life: If she's not having fun, no one else can either. And when she's told she and Johnny are getting sent for a getaway up to the Whitsundays, she has strong opinions.

"I actually think lazing around water is boring - you may as well just laze around your couch," she says ungratefully.

Johnny offers to bring along some books she might like, but the suggestion only makes her angrier.

"Books are just a bit boring ... it's not really gonna burn calories," she says. Unfortunately, she's thrown a scientific fact at me that I can't argue with: books do not, in fact, burn calories. You've won this round, Stacey Louise.

Someone else who's not happy with her getaway is Felicity - and it's not because someone has made her read a book.

Upon arriving in Phuket with Mark, they roll their luggage into the hotel room and realise producers booked them the smallest room possible with only one bed, no couch and nowhere to hide.

Felicity unleashes: "This is f*cked. This is just bullshit," she spits, the denim jacket caped over her shoulders almost falling off in her fury. "I'm not staying here. I'm f*cking leaving. I'm not dealing with this shit. It's disgusting. F*king disgusting."

She storms out of their tiny hotel room, hops in a golf cart and demands to be driven across the grounds of the resort and back to reception.

Mark doesn't follow. Instead, he stays in the tiny hotel room, calmly picks up the phone, calls reception and inquires about local dentists.

For more observations about caped jackets John Frieda Frizz Ease, follow me on Twitter: @hellojamesweir

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