FINAL WORD: Candidates give their last message

TOMORROW Warrego voters will go to the polls and decide who our representative will be for the next term of Queensland Parliament.

We asked candidates what they want voters to think about when they walk into the booth to cast their vote.

Sandra Bamberry - independent

"It comes down to the fact that so many people are dissatisfied with the traditional parties and government.

"I've had the courage to put myself forward and have a go, so now the voters need to have the courage to vote for me and give Warrego a fresh start.

"I'll listen to everyone no matter what the issue is and always keep an open door.”

Mark Stone - independent

"I'd provide a real voice for regional Queensland instead of politicians from Brisbane telling us how things should be.

"I'd provide real solutions for vegetation management and improve roads and transport in the region.

"I'd support local business, create local jobs and improve regional healthcare.”

Mark O'Brien - ALP

"I want the best for all of the residents of Warrego and the way to get that is to make the electorate relevant to the government.

"The way we have to do that is to make it marginal and get the member to be a part of the government.

"It's time for change and make Warrego matter.”

Rob Loughnan - KAP

"Voters need to keep in mind the complacency of the two major parties, they take us for granted in the bush.

"Look at the parliament's dishonesty in the last term ... there has been a massive turnover of staff in electorate offices. The track record of KAP in addressing rural and regional issues is outstanding, we do a mighty job of representing the bush.

"I'd urge voters to look at both sides of the how-to-vote card and put the major parties at the bottom of their preferences.”

Ann Leahy - LNP

"On Saturday the voters need to consider that the LNP will help them and their family get ahead. The LNP will drive down the cost of electricity and freeze family car registration. The LNP will create jobs and job security.

"Don't put this at risk by voting for minor parties or independents because we can't afford another three years of a do-nothing Labor government.”

Ian Mazlin - The Greens

"I am standing for the Greens because I believe that voters are tired of being ignored by the major parties, which only serve the interests of their donor mates like the fossil fuel companies and international interests buying up our precious agricultural land.

"On election day, people have the chance to vote for a clear change. As your representative, I will fight to ban corporate donations, deliver cheaper electricity, new jobs in renewable energy, universal housing and a better deal for the people of Warrego.”

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