GREAT WIN: The Dalby Swans defeated the Warwick Redbacks at home.
GREAT WIN: The Dalby Swans defeated the Warwick Redbacks at home.

Five standout moments in match between Dalby and Warwick

AUSSIE RULES: The Dalby Swans’ win against the Warwick Redbacks was one worth waiting for.

It was a close game between the two lowest ranking teams on the leaderboard, but stellar performances from both sides made it a tight match, and ended with a victorious result for Dalby.

Here’s five standout moments from game between Warwick and Dalby:

1. From one code to the next

Dalby’s side has looked a little different from previous years, and one noticeable addition is a number of rugby and league players who have jumped ship in light of season cancellations because of COVID-19.

Our Lady graduate and rugby prodigy Lytana King-Togia represented Australia during the Pacific Islanders’ four-match tour last year, and has previously represented the Dalby Diehards before making the switch to rugby.

Other well-known Aussie rules converts are Dylan and Mitch Taylor, formerly known for their star performances on the Dalby Diehards A-grade side.

The change in code hasn’t looked to be an obvious change for any of the players, who have taken to Aussie rules like a duck to water, and have been crucial team members for the Swans so far.

2. First goal of the game

Warwick came out of the gates firing with a goal scored in the first minute of the match.

It was an easy result for the team who managed to keep the ball down their end of the field right from ball-up at the start of the game.

3. First two goals to Dalby

Warwick may have set the bar high with a goal in the first minute, but Dalby’s response set the tone for the rest of the match with the help of two goals within a minute of each other from two coverts, Dylan Taylor and Lythaniel King-Togia.

Taylor scored after an incredible mark within 50 metres, and put Dalby on the board.

King-Togia’s goal, scored less than a minute later, set Dalby in the lead, and was scored during play, without having taken a mark first.

Those performances left the score at 13-12 Dalby’s way at quarter time, and set the scene for a tough slog for the rest of the match.

4. Fearless Dalby performance

If there’s one word to describe the Dalby side it’s “fearless”.

The boys proved in their game against Warwick that they’re never afraid of a bit of biff, and will always go headfirst into every game.

Fearless performances from Kyle Hope, Andrew Walther, Lytana King-Togia, and Michael Sheehan were instrumental in sealing Dalby’s first win, with all four players showing no signs of fear when it came to running into a tackle head first, or shoving a Redback clear out of the way.

5. Warwick’s comeback in the second quarter

With a one-point lead at the end of the first quarter, Dalby had a tight yet obvious advantage going into the second, but Warwick’s quick comeback set them back into place.

The score rose to 27-15 by the seventh minute of play, and despite a phenomenal second goal to Taylor in the 11th minute, Warwick managed to hold that lead well into the third quarter.

One standout goal in the second quarter went to Nicholas Donges, who score right on the sideline less than 50 metres out, and managed to curve the ball straight in to land a goal in the 18th minute.


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