LOTS OF LAUGHS: Brett Blake and Cal Wilson at Not Just for Laughs Warra.
LOTS OF LAUGHS: Brett Blake and Cal Wilson at Not Just for Laughs Warra.

Five things two city comedians now know about the West

EMBARKING on their three day Not Just for Laughs (NJFL) regional tour, one of Australia’s most popular comedians Cal Wilson had never had never been out west before and other famous comedian Brett Blake had only gotten has far a Toowoomba.

Therefore when they both made their way to the region week performing jigs at Meandarra, Wandoan and Warra last week, it was the perfect opportunity for them to explore all the Western Downs has to offer.

They found it very it exciting to meet new people, found everyone was really passionate about the region and it was a pleasure for them to bring a live comedy show when this place hasn’t experienced many before.

“Everyone we have talked to has been passionate about the region which is so great,” Cal said.

“Even Paul McVeigh is just so passionate about his community which makes me jealous. I wish I was that passionate about anything,” Brett added.

“He is just so passionate about the watermelon, which made me excited about the watermelon. “He loved the parklands and now I love the parklands.”

However during their time in the Western Downs there were five things that the pair learnt that they weren’t necessarily expecting but loved anyway.

1. The food is amazing.

The pair was especially impressed by the food at a cafe in Dalby.

“I’ve eaten a lot of hot chips and a lot of beautiful steak,” Cal said.

“I even had two breakfasts today.”

“My eggs Benedict was the size of a football which was the best,” Brett said.

2. Believe what people here tell you.

Cal learnt a vital lesson about feedlots and the truth.

“My biggest lesson I learnt is that if someone tells you a feedlot smells bad; a feedlot smells bad,” she said.

“I’ve washed my dress twice and put it in a plastic bag and it smells like the feedlot.”

3. It’s worth a look in the toilet bowl first.

Going to the toilet is usually a very simple exercise but when a mystery guest was found in the stars’ toilet, this wasn’t the case.

“My biggest lesson,” Brett said, “was never trust movement in a toilet because I walked out of my dressing room and I came back and Cal was taking a photo of something in the toilet and I was like ‘what is that?’,” he said. “My mind wandered and it was actually a frog in the toilet. Then every time I went to the bathroom, I was scared of there being a frog jumping in the bowl.”

4. Drive safely at night.

Instead of having to just watch out for other cars like in the city, in the country you have to be on alert for other cars, trucks and wildlife.

“I’ve never seen so many kangaroos in my life,” Cal said.

“Seeing them all jump out, that was a different experience.”

5. Farmers’ time and comedians’ time are two completely different things.

One morning during the tour a farmer was considerate enough to offer to have breakfast.

Tired from the gig the night before, the asked if they could have a late breakfast.

He very politely said yes but the time also had the comedians falling over backwards.

“If someone who is a farmer says do you want to have a late breakfast, their idea of a late breakfast and our idea of a late breakfast are hours apart,” Cal said.

“We were like we will have a late breakfast tomorrow and Pauls like how’s 7am.

“For us that’s basically midnight.

“There’s only one 7 o’clock in our world and it’s after dinner.”

The NJFL regional tour was organised by the Western Downs Regional Council, to lift the sprits of people in our region affected by drought.

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