AT least seven soldiers have been killed after US President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airfield.

The Shayrat Airfield in Homs in western Syria was the target of the tomahawk missile attack.

It is the same airfield from which a chemical weapons attack was launched against civilians earlier this week.

The earlier attack, which killed at least 80 people including children, has been blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

At least six Syrian troops were killed in the missile strike, according to AFP.

The Kremlin condemned the attack, saying it would inflict "considerable damage" on US-Russia ties.

According to Russian Interfax news agency, no Russians were hurt in the attack.

Russia said President Vladimir Putin saw the attack as "aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law".

The Kremlin claimed it has created a "serious obstacle" against forming an international coalition to fight terrorism.

The USS Ross fires a tomahawk land attack missile against Syria.
The USS Ross fires a tomahawk land attack missile against Syria.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in Friday's statement carried by Russian news agencies that Putin believes that the U.S. has dealt the strikes under "far-fetched pretext."

Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Syrian opposition monitor, also said the attack killed at least six Syrian soldiers, including a general, and caused extensive damage including a dozen hangars, a fuel depot and an air defence base.

Russia has reportedly called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in response.

"I call on all civilised nations in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria," President Trump said in confirming the attack at a press conference.

Trump said the US must "prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons".

The Pentagon said a total of 59 tomahawk land attack missiles had been launched from the destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross in the Mediterranean Sea on Friday.

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