Luke, Jacob and Tim Schmaling loved the tractors at the 2019 Bell Show, and the 2020 Bell Show is set to bring more family friendly attractions.
Luke, Jacob and Tim Schmaling loved the tractors at the 2019 Bell Show, and the 2020 Bell Show is set to bring more family friendly attractions.

FULL PROGRAM: What’s in store for this year’s Bell Show

THE theme of this year’s Bell Show is “giving back to the community”, according to Bell Show Society president Don McNamara.

This weekend’s show will be dedicated to those fighting through relentless drought and now flooding, and is hoped to be a release for our region’s battlers.

Mr McNamara said the show was shaping up to be one the town’s best events of the year.

The rodeo, in particular, is going to be a strong draw card.

“The rodeo has been building up for the last few years and this year it looks like it’ll be the best we’ve had for a long long time,” Mr McNamara said.

“Everybody has had a break in the season, so it’s setting itself up to be a good show.”

With plenty of children’s entertainment, family friendly activities, night-time events, and live music, the Bell Show is hoped to draw families from across the region.

The Bell Show society is hoping the event will create positive attention towards the town, especially in light of the recent floods and drought local farmers and property owners have experienced.

Mr McNamara said an event like the Bell Show was important to have in order for the town to be able to support those struggling.

“We’ve had great support from all our sponsors because we know how hard everything has been,” he said.

“I feel it’s very important for a little community like Bell to have their show.

“Everyone’s got a different outlook to what they used to and everyone is prepared to get together and have a yarn.”

The fireworks will be missing from the night program on Saturday, a move Mr McNamara said was out of respect to the towns who struggled with the bushfires earlier this year.

The show society have done their best to keep prices low and aimed to have activities available for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

“It’s a family turnout, we’ve made it more family friendly and children have free admission,” he said.

“We’ve kept our prices the same for the last few years, we’re trying to give back to the community especially the way things have been with the drought.

“There’s a lot more free entertainment.”

At the end of the day, for Mr McNamara it’s all about putting a smile on the faces of people in his town.

“People will be pleasantly surprised,” he said.

“I hope the families come along, that’s what we’re aiming for.

“We want to give something back to the community after such a trying time in the drought. And that’s the whole theme of the show is giving back to the community.”

Adult tickets cost $10 and children have free admission.


Saturday – 29th February

Display of Vintage Machinery: All day from 8:30am

Horse & Ring Events: All day from 8:30am

Woodchop: All day from 9am

Farm Produce & Pavilion: Open from 9am to 4pm

Stud Cattle: 9am to 2:30pm

Prime Lambs: 9:30am Judging

Classic Car & Motorcycle Run: 8:30am Start

Utes, Bikes & Cars Muster: 12:30pm Judging

NEW: Drace -Sensory Illusionist: 2.00-2.30pm & 4.15-4.45pm

NEW: Frozen (Anna & Elsa): 3.00-3.45pm

Nanny Poppins: 5.00-5.45pm

Grand Parade Approx: 2:30pm

Fashion Parade: TBA

Kids’ Free Activities: 10am to 6pm

Petting Zoo

Young Farmers’ Challenge From 6.00pm

Market Stalls: From 9am

Sideshows: From 9am till late

Saturday Night Entertainment

Bar & BBQ All day to midnight

Live Music featuring Preserve the Moose: 7pm to midnight

Sunday – 1st March

NRA Rodeo From 9am

Farm Produce & Pavilion Open From 9am to 3pm

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If you don’t vote, expect $133 fine

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