CONGRATULATIONS: Bell State School students shone at their annual awards night.
CONGRATULATIONS: Bell State School students shone at their annual awards night.

GALLERY: Full list of winners from the Bell State School awards night

AS SAGE Gleeson, Aaron Gleeson, and Emiley Nixon took to the stage of Bell Memorial Hall for the final time as students of Bell State School, they were greeted with cheers and applause from proud parents and teachers, who witnessed them performing their final duties before heading off to Dalby State High to complete their senior years of school.

Bell State School’s annual awards night on Tuesday wasn’t just a way to celebrate the outgoing students. The children who had performed to the highest standards during the year were also recognised, as the school year draws to a close.

Principle Jason Edmondstone said in his address the school had achieved so much in the school year, with more to come in 2020.

“So many elements have to come together to ensure the students have the right environment to thrive,” he said.

“Students get through a lot of work during 40 weeks of the school year, across eight different subject areas as well as all the extra curricular activities they participate in.”

Mr Edmondstone urged the students to not only embrace the academic side of school, but to appreciate every aspect of their short time in school.

“For students coming to school, learning your literacy and numeracy skills are important,” he said.

“However, so is participating in sport, drawing, playing music, going on excursions, playing at lunchtime with your friends, learning a different language, reading in the library, learning to code on the computer, building and creating something in home ec or manual arts; all these learned experiences shape and mould you to help you achieve your careers in the future.”


Primary Dux Academic Award: Cara Jones


Year 6 merit award: Katrina Hills

Year 5 merit award: Phoebe Staunton

Year 4 merit award: Hamish Coleman

Year 3 merit award: Clara Smith

Year 2 merit award: Chloe Cassidy

Year 1 merit award: Olivia Kane

Prep merit award: Zoe Brooks


Year 4: Josie Brown

Year 5: Phoebe Staunton

Year 6: Cara Jones

Primary leadership award: Cara Jones

Instrumental music award: Phoebe Staunton

Instrumental merit award: Rose Staunton


Prep: Paige McNamara

Year 1: Heath McClelland

Year 2: Landon Donohoe

Year 3: Bill Harkin

Year 4: Josie Brown

Year 5: Tenae Zahl

Year 6: Brady Caldwell

Year 7: Holly Donohoe

Year 8: Harrison White

Year 9: Blake Priddle

Year 10: Emiley Nixon


Secondary Dux Award: Sage Gleeson

Bell State School Leadership Award: Emiley Nixon

Caltex Allrounder Award: Taite Fullagar

Ian Astbury Memorial Award: Blake Priddle

Ecoschools Environmental Award: Patrick Coleman

Citizenship And Community Award: Sophie McHugh

Long Tan Award: Emiley Nixon

Vocational Education Award: Sage Gleeson


Lyle Walker Reading: Gerard Custodio and Macklan White

Colin Boyce Enthusiasm Award: Sage Gleeson

Academic Competition Award: William Green

Academic Competition Encouragement Award: Phoebe Staunton


50m Freestyle Swimming Champion: Male – Connor Edwards

Female – Rose Staunton

100m Track Champion: Male – Tyrell Zahl/

William Green

Female – Macklan White

Silver Award State: Taite Fullagar – Aquathon

Bronze Awards: Cross Country – Primary: Cara Jones

Cross Country – Secondary: Harrison White and Taite Fullagar

Swimming – Primary: Lachlan Edwards

Swimming – Secondary: Taite Fullagar and Patrick Coleman

Track & Field – Primary: Finnian Burns

Track & Field – Secondary: Taite Fullagar and Blake Priddle

Rugby League – Secondary: Patrick Coleman

Touch Football – Secondary: Taite Fullagar


English: Sage Gleeson

History & Social science: Sage Gleeson

Agricultural science: Emiley Nixon

Science: Sage Gleeson

HPE: Sage Gleeson

Mathematics: Sage Gleeson

Home Economics: Emiley Nixon

Vocational Education: Sage Gleeson

Mathematics And science Extension: Sage Gleeson

Civics & Citizenship: Aaron Gleeson

Visual Arts: Emiley Nixon


English: William Green

History & Social science: William Green

Agricultural science: Blake Priddle

Science: William Green

HPE: William Green

Mathematics: William Green

ITD: Blake Priddle

Digital Technologies: William Green

Home Economics: William Green

Civics & Citizenship: William Green

Digital Arts: William Green

Sport And Recreation: Blake Priddle

Visual Arts: Don Custodio


English: Sophie McHugh

Geography: Sophie McHugh

Mathematics: Ben McLaughlin

Science: Sophie McHugh

HPE: Ben McLaughlin

Japanese Language: Sophie McHugh

ITD: Harrison White

Digital Technologies: Sophie McHugh

Visual Arts: Sophie McHugh

Home Ec: Sophie McHugh

Civics: Tristan Henricksen

Economics And Business: Sophie McHugh


English: Patrick Coleman

Geography: Patrick Coleman

Mathematics: Patrick Coleman

Science: Patrick Coleman

HPE: Patrick Coleman

Japanese Language: Patrick Coleman

ITD: Holly Donohoe

Visual Arts: Thomas Edwards

Home Ec: Thomas Edwards

Civics: Patrick Coleman

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