New Yankee Giancarlo Stanton answers questions during a press conference (AP Photo/Willie J. Allen Jr.)
New Yankee Giancarlo Stanton answers questions during a press conference (AP Photo/Willie J. Allen Jr.)

The biggest deal in the history of sport

THE New York Yankees have pulled off one of the biggest trades in recent baseball history by acquiring slugger Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins.

Stanton, 28, finished 2017 as the National League MVP after leading the Majors in home runs (59), RBIs (132) and slugging percentage (. 631).

The deal is the largest by total dollar value in the history of team sports. Stanton's 13-year contract is worth a total of $432 million.

By comparison, the deal which brought footballer Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona in August was worth $358 million over five years.

Only twice before in baseball history has a reigning MVP been traded, first in 1914 when the Chicago White Sox acquired Eddie Collins from Philadelphia, and again in 2004 when the Yankees got Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers.

"I'm glad to be here and part of the New York Yankees," Stanton said as he was introduced during Major League Baseball's Winter Meetings in Florida.

"This is going to be a great new chapter in my life and career and I want to thank everybody involved to get this done."

Stanton was one of only two players to hit more than 50 home runs in 2017, with the other - Aaron Judge - already on New York's books.

The only other time in Major League history that a team boasted two players who had hit 50 home runs the previous season was when the Yankees fielded Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle in 1962, a year after Maris had broken Babe Ruth's record by hitting 61 homers. Stanton said he had only met Judge briefly during the All-Star Weekend but the pair were excited to play together.

"I've spoken to him in the last couple of days and we're excited, excited to get better together and use our talent together," the outfielder said. "We're very similar, we can learn from each other and make each other better."


Giancarlo Stanton could not have gotten out of Miami soon enough.

The slugger said goodbye to the team and fan base in an Instagram post on Monday afternoon after the deal sending him to the Yankees became official. The caption starts off pretty boilerplate before Stanton begins venting over some of the rough times he experienced with the Marlins.

"Thank you to the Marlins Organization & the amazing city of Miami! The city that adopted me at 17 with open arms. I've loved this place over the years and it will always be special to me," Stanton, who will be introduced by the Yankees later on Monday, wrote. "I appreciate All my teammates & coaching Staff that battled day in and day out I feel for u fans, you've stuck with me as we've shared some roller coaster years. I've always tried to be as professional as possible during the unprofessional, circus times there!

"Regardless of the Ups & downs, I've grown n learned a lot as a Person/Player. So for that I give thanks, I hope there are better days in Miami. The city & the people are too great not to be! Stay positive & much love ! ------------- As for NEW YORK CITY !!! I am officially a YANKEE"

The Marlins have long been criticised for shoddy ownership under Jeffrey Loria, and things have not improved since Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman purchased the team. Jeter has been criticised for firing beloved team ambassadors and trying to hire them back at a low-ball rate, letting go of a scout who is suffering from cancer and for a lack of communication with Stanton since he took over the team.

The Marlins drafted Stanton, a California native, in 2007, and he quickly rose through the organisation to become the power-hitting face of the franchise in 2010. Stanton signed a 13-year, $325 million deal with the team in 2014.

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