Heat spike to send temperatures soaring

Thanks for the memories, winter. It was cool while they lasted.

Just days after the country ticked over into spring, the mercury is set to soar to temperatures way above normal. Forecasters have said a "heat spike" is imminent.

Brisbane is likely to experience temperatures nine degrees above average, easily passing the 30C mark, while parts of Sydney could also nudge close to or even above 30C.

That will bring the most dangerous fire conditions so far this bushfire season.

But down in Melbourne, the weather will be far closer to the norm with a generally soggy week.

It's going to be toasty all week in the Queensland capital with the maximums surpassing 30C towards the end of the week and the lows around 12C. And while there have been hotter September days, the heat bearing down so early is a worry.

"Friday could be the hottest September day in two years in Brisbane. It got to 37C in 2017 but that was at the end of September and this is right near the start," Sky News Weather channel meteorologist Rob Sharpe told news.com.au.



Sydney will also be dry and hot with gloriously sunny days, highs of 24C and lows of 10C. But head to the western suburbs and the baking conditions ratchet up several notches, with Penrith looking at 29C on Wednesday, seven degrees above average, albeit with cooler mornings.

"The sea breezes will keep Sydney's CBD a bit cooler but in the western suburbs, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday, it could easily nudge into the 30s," Mr Sharpe said.

"We'll see many more rounds of heat in the coming months centred on eastern and Central Australia as we roll through a warmer than normal spring."

The Bureau of Meteorology has said spring is likely to be warmer and drier than usual this year across almost the entire country.

The specific reason behind the almost summer-like air is a low pressure system dragging the warmer weather down from northern and Central Australia, where it cooks up, towards the eastern states.

Mr Sharpe said the "most dangerous fire weather this season" would hit NSW and Queensland in the coming weeks.

"This system will be reasonably windy moving through these two states and that will combine with dry, very warm air as well as the parched landscape," he said.

A lick of heat will reach the east coast from Central Australia this week. Picture: BSCH.
A lick of heat will reach the east coast from Central Australia this week. Picture: BSCH.


Canberra is looking at far cooler maximums of around 21C and minimums of 2C. And there will be a divide in the weather around southern New South Wales and the Murray.

Another low pressure system, this one a cut-off low, is heading towards the southeast from Western Australia. Bypassing Central Australia and picking up moisture from The Bight, its effects will be different to the other low pressure system further north.

This will keep temperatures in Adelaide relatively low, struggling to crack the 20C mark, and bring some showers to South Australia. Melbourne is looking at 20C highs at the beginning of the week sinking to just 14C heading into the weekend with lows of 9C. Expect downpours from Wednesday onwards.

Hobart will reach 19C on Tuesday before falling to 14C on Thursday. Chilly dawn minimums of 4-7C and some rain are forecast.

But Mr Sharpe said the low pressure system crossing the south came with a "huge amount of uncertainty" as to how it would pan out. It could be far more miserable.

"There is the potential for heavier falls for parts of the southeast depending on how that low takes hold - some areas could see 50mm of rain in the southeast," he said.

Perth will be in the high teens this week with chilly early mornings from midweek on. A thunderstorm is possible on Tuesday with showers into Wednesday, but the conditions should settle with blue skies peeking through.

It will be dry and sunny in Darwin this week with highs of around 33C and lows around 20C.

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