MOB: Some of the 93 kangaroos that live in a paddock on Dougan St, Point Vernon.
MOB: Some of the 93 kangaroos that live in a paddock on Dougan St, Point Vernon. Alistair Brightman

How mum wrestled roo to protect her little girl

THE family of two-year-old kangaroo attack victim Mileah have avoided returning to their Point Vernon home.

They are still too shaken with the terrifying memory of the incident when a kangaroo pounced on the toddler in an attack knocking her unconscious.

Little Mileah was rushed to Hervey Bay Hospital and had to get 17 stitches on her chest, some of which were internal, following the encounter.


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Her parents Argie Abejaron and Chad said the doctors told them Mileah's scars from the kangaroo's claws will likely remain with her for life.


"Her face resembles a skateboard accident on the gravel," Chad said.


"One side of her face is scraped and across her body, she just has razor like marks. There are some marks on her neck too."

Mileah has since been released from hospital.

Argie hopes Mileah won't remember the attack.


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The family estimated the attack lasted for about 20 seconds, but to them, it felt forever.

"When I heard my son screaming, I dropped everything, ran outside, and saw Mileah on the ground," Argie said.

"The kangaroo was about the same size as me, and I thought I could take it on. But it was really strong.

"I kicked and wrestled the kangaroo, it tried to grab me but I didn't have anything it could hold on to."

Argie was pushed to the ground while protecting Mileah, where she suffered bruises and scratches.

It was a neighbour's yell that distracted the attacking kangroo, during which Argie was able to grab Mileah and pull her away from danger.

Mileah's brother aged six and sister aged 10 witnessed the attack. They have been preferring to stay at a grandmother's house since.

"Our son doesn't get out of the car until the garage door is all the way closed," Argie said.

"A neighbour told him that the big kangaroos can jump over the fence so he has been choosing to stay indoors as a precaution."

Chad is grateful for Argie's quick thinking and bravery.

"She saved our daughter's life by wrestling a kangaroo," Chad said.

"We're always mindful to keep children in safe proximity, but at this stage, and it was in that split second that Argie was taking groceries into the house."

A wildlife ranger has since visited the Point Vernon location to assess the aggressiveness of the kangaroos.

He counted 93 kangaroos surrounding the house.

Chad and Argie have concerns the close proximity the kangaroos are being forced to live in is causing the aggressiveness.

"Our goal is to not have this happen to anyone's child ever again," Chad said.

"Allowing for the building of houses on their habitat is forcing human and wildlife interaction."

They are urging for some sort of action to be taken.

"Something needs to be done; there are a lot of kangaroos there," Chad said.

"We don't want any of them killed, but there is the possibility of having them relocated."

Despite the way everything played out, the family is grateful that everyone got out alive and admitted the situation could have easily been fatal.

"Mileah could have fallen unconscious on concrete, or the kangaroo could have been one of the big ones," Chad said.

"Every single person that has helped, or said something positive, we thank them.

"Our neighbours, the staff at Hervey Bay Hospital and in the ambulance, were amazing."

Mileah is returning to her normal self, but some things have changed.

"Kangaroos were Mileah's favourite animal, but not anymore," Chad said.

"She now says, naughty kangaroo."

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