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How would you feel about child-free shopping hours?

A READER has suggested shopping centres should take steps to introduce child-free shopping hours. Here are her thoughts.

"Imagine a shopping experience free from screaming and misbehaving children. It is unreasonable to expect retail workers and shoppers to put up with other people's tantrum-throwing, out-of-control children.

"It is unreasonable for people to be expected to endure the unnecessary noise of a child when the mother makes no effort to control it preferring to engage with texting or chatting on the phone.

"Prolonged screaming and wailing are just not on.

"The comfort of the majority should not be compromised by the antics of a few. 

"Some airlines have taken the bold step of banning kids from premium class.

"When will the managers of shopping centres take the even bolder step of banning kids from the centre for an hour or two on specified days?"



What you're saying on Facebook:

Chanice Hancock: "Doesn't sound fair to me. What next? specific days and hours where we don't have to shop around the elderly, who congregate in the center of the walk way to have a chit chat? Or specific days and hours when parents can't bring their disabled adult kids to the shopping center?"

Bat Mel: "Does anyone in their right mind actually think parents (yes, not just mothers) really want to shop with young, cranky kids?"

Sarah Bartel: "People without kids can go shopping anytime they want, it's not like they have to take care of the child that is irritating them. Go late night shopping, less likely to bump into little humans at bed time."

Jessica Kereszteny: "How about making it more child friendly. Have a basket of fruit at the front that kids can take a piece and eat it. Or jave little trolleys for them to push. Or stop putting all the chocolate and lollies and toys in their direct line of sight. So many things could be done to make it easier."

Aneeka Kai Little: "*face palm* why even put this up it is just going to create the worsttt comments. Everyone was a child once and nearly everyone has had children soooo how about if you see a mum or a dad with an upset child support them , even if its just a smile! And if you "hate" kids so much use the internet and get your food delivered , never leave the house and be a hermit so you don't make others feel bad !"

Brooke Williams: "I'd rather be shopping with the screaming kids which don't really know the correct way to act in public yet and can be excused for it then deal with the completely rude adults, especially the ones supposed to be dealing with customers."

Elizabeth N Josh Sinclair: "Ugh, what rubbish!!! One minute its breast feeding mother's being banded from places, then children being banned from "certain cafes" this is discrimination! How about we ban the people that come up with these ideas from everything! I don't know one mother that like's to take there grumpy up set child shopping but alot of us do not have a choice! What about the mother's that only have one day a week off and have no choice but to shop on certaint days. Do these things just not matter to the morons in charge... Seriously people need a reality check!"

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