5 ways to spend your day with Costa

LET'S imagine forward to the moment when you (hopefully) win our day with Costa competition.

What would you ask him?

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What kind of project do you have in mind for your garden? Are you going to take on the hanging gardens or do you have a stubborn patch of dirt that needs Costa's expertise?

So many of you sent us posts and comments telling us what you'd do - but what about for those of you who are still stumped?

Here are five ideas you might want to try when you win a day with our gardening guru Costa.

5. How about a humble herb garden?

There are some extreme garden ideas out there, but what about a small plot of yard that you know you can come to for a bit of relaxation and a delicious addition to dinner?

The sheer variety of herbs means that, no matter where you live, you'll be able to find the perfect herbs for you to tend and eat and enjoy.

Pure simplicity, easy and fun to maintain, and a great talking point for when you have friends over.

4. Give Square Foot Gardening a go

Back in the 1980s a new type of gardening cropped up that emphasised small, sturdy plots for growing your own food, Square Foot Gardening (SFG).

The idea behind SFG is to divide a garden into small sections, usually a foot square (hence the name), for the intensive growing of food crops.

A hallmark of this type of gardening is using raised soil boxes, which aren't the best for nutrient uptake and can stunt root growth. Some yards may need this type of garden if you want to start growing to eat, so if you're heading in that direction, ask Costa what he thinks.

3. Grow the best chillies in Australia

We already know that Australia can grow one of the hottest chilli strains ever created, so if you're a chilli-head or looking for a culinary extreme sport, why not grow some chillies?

Why not grow some really, really, hot chillies?

Chillies aren't just rewarding for their flavour and heat, they're a fun plant to grow. The chilli-growing community are dedicated, helpful and as extreme in their knowledge of soil as the heat in their fruit.

Horticulture as an extreme sport - grow the most vigorous plants in the region.

2. From seed to supper

The garden's only a part of the process. The seeds we plant become the trees we tend become the veggies we cook to make the dinner we eat.

As simple as that sounds, it really isn't in most cast, and getting a hand to set the flow from dirt to dinner may be an incredible way to spend your time with Costa.

Even if you have nothing in your garden now, Costa's the right person to get you up and running so that you have your own delicious, naturally grown, organic food.

1. Food Street

Ever been to Buderim? They've got streets where the neighbours have banded together to grow edible plants all over the place that they can enjoy and share together.

Why not be the one to introduce the concept of a food street to your area? Even in places where the roads are long and the neighbours distant, you can still grow so much community alongside the veggies and fruits.

The great thing is you can start small and work your way up. Why not just put an apple tree out the front? From there you can grow amazing things, and Costa's quite a fan of the idea already so he'll be more than willing to chat about it.

You can still enter!

Win $1000 in gardening vouchers and a day with gardening guru and TV presenter Costa Georgiadis.

The bearded backyard buff will first help you plan your garden revamp and, by day's end, will make sure you've achieved it.

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And for great gardening tips every week, make sure you grab your Saturday copy of the paper to read Maree Curran's Green Thumb column in Weekend.

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