CHARGED: Brendalee Deberah Fraser, 58 pleaded guilty to two public nuisance charges.
CHARGED: Brendalee Deberah Fraser, 58 pleaded guilty to two public nuisance charges.

Huge cat fight over felines stealing woman’s dinner

AFTER a heated neighbourly dispute over cats not staying in their yard came to a head, one woman landed herself in court.

Brendalee Deberah Fraser, 58 fronted Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday, facing two charges of public nuisance.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court that at 8.30pm on November 1, Fraser was standing outside her house when her neighbours arrived home.

The court heard Fraser had made eye contact with a witness, before making a shooting gesture with her hand.

She then started yelling, telling a witness that they were a "fat c---," and that "the whole family is going down," and that they are "f------ scum."

On 4pm on November 11, Fraser was standing in her driveway with a woman when she saw her neighbour on the front verandah of their house.

She then started yelling at the witness saying "get over here you c---, I'll meet you half way on the f------ road," to which the witness ignored.

She then told the woman next to her that "she's always hiding behind her f------ door," shouting more abuse and threatening language before the witness went back inside.

Police attended Fraser's residence shortly after and after a conversation she was arrested and offered an electronic interview which she declined.

The defendant's lawyer, L Reid told the court Fraser's neighbours had asked on numerous occasions if they can borrow her car to take the kids to school as theirs had broken down.

The court also heard that the neighbours had borrowed money and cigarettes, as well as helping themselves to food in Fraser's freezer so they could feed their children dinner.

"Ms Fraser got sick of them asking her to borrow things so she started saying no to their requests," Ms Reid said.

Ms Reid said the neighbours eight cats would constantly come inside Fraser's house and eat the meat or food that was defrosting on the bench.

After numerous requests for the neighbours to keep the cats in their yard which they failed to meet, Fraser contacted the Council who gave her cat traps.

After managing to trap five of the cats which the Council came to collect, the court heard Fraser's neighbours had started abusing her and threatening to kill her family.

The court heard that after this abuse, this is when Fraser decided to retaliate, which resulted in her telling them "the best thing to do is leave home because they have no friends."

She instructed the court that since she's been charged the neighbours have left her alone and she has ignored them as well.

Magistrate Cridland convicted Fraser, told her she must sign a notice to keep the peace with her neighbours for a year or she would need to pay a $500 fine.

"If you keep out of trouble for a year, it's all gone," he said.

"It's clear that there was a lot of tension and not just from one side.

"So you need to ignore what's going on and make sure that any problems caused haven't been instigated by yourself."

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