CRUELTY PLEA: Angela Pershouse (file photo).
CRUELTY PLEA: Angela Pershouse (file photo). Ross Irby

'I do it all the time': Woman throws dog off verandah

A GLADSTONE woman has told a courtroom she regularly threw her mother's dog off the verandah because the dog 'loved it'.

Angela Pershouse pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to one count of animal cruelty, two counts of begging for money in a public place, one count of wilful damage, one count of public nuisance and one count of contravention of police direction.

Despite defence lawyer Rio Ramos telling the court that her client suffered from intellectual impairments, Pershouse was deemed legally fit to stand trial.

Police prosecutor sergeant Barry Stevens said on January 21 police were called to a Mt Larcom residence on another matter, when Pershouse walked out on the verandah holding a dog by its neck.

As officers watched, Pershouse pulled the dog over the railing of the 3m-high verandah and began to swing it back and forth, before throwing the dog to the ground.

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The dog hit the ground head first, but slowly stood up and walked away, the court heard.

When questioned about it, Pershouse laughed and told officers: "I do it all the time, the dog loves it."

Later that same day, Pershouse was arrested and taken to the Gladstone watch-house after she was seen begging people for money at the Puma Service Station.

While in the cell, Pershouse threw a scrunched pile of toilet paper at the security camera.

No physical damage was done however the camera and the cell had to be cleaned before it could be reused. On May 25 at about 3.40am Pershouse was hanging around the Gladstone police station.

A cleaner on the early shift walked past towards the station, but Pershouse stopped her and told her to 'be careful', indicating that she had a knife in her pocket.

The cleaner went inside the station and told an officer on duty; Pershouse wasn't found to be in possession of a knife, but she was arrested.

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She was released on the bail condition that she steer clear from the station unless it was an emergency, however on June 18, Pershouse was back causing trouble.

Outside the station, Pershouse pressed on the after-hours buzzer and asked an officer for some 'milk to put in her coke'. When the officer told her the station had no milk, she asked if she could use the toilet, but was again refused.

Pershouse told Gladstone magistrate Melanie Ho that she liked police officers and that's why she was always hanging around the station.

For all offences Pershouse was placed on a 12-month probation, subject to counselling. A conviction was recorded.

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